Friday, August 04, 2006

Poor Puppy!

I got my dog home today and promptly put her into doggy jail:

She has this amazing bandage/cast on her back leg and can barely stand (which is a good thing, I suppose, since she's supposed to stay off of her feet for two weeks, except potty breaks):

She has to wear the t-shirt because she has a pain patch under her arm pit that is toxic if she chews on it. I get to peel that off on Sunday. Her bandage comes off on Monday, stitches come out on the 14th.

You can't tell from this picture so much, but I never realized how much of her was fur until they shaved her hip - her fur is about 3-4" deep!

She's not a happy dog, but in 16 weeks, she should be all recovered and able to start on short walks again.

Yes. I said SIXTEEN weeks. Bet you wish you were having this kind of fun, huh?


Charity said...

It's good to see her home, poor thing. You two take care!

Tori Lennox said...

Oh, poor puppy!!! Sixteen weeks seems like a long time! But all in all, she looks pretty content even if she is unhappy.