Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

From ghoulies and ghosties
And long-leggedy beasties
And things that go bump in the night,
Good Lord, deliver us!
~Scottish Saying

First a quick reminder: You can enter to win a $50 Amazon or GC and just TONS of books here (that dancing skeleton makes me grin every time):

Why do I just LOVE this picture?

We aren't doing anything special here -- as I've mentioned in the past, trick or treating is forbidden by my in-laws and it's one thing DH really put his foot down about. So, really, for us it's a day like any other day except tomorrow I take DD to choose a bag of candy (for 50% off *G*) to make up for not going trick or treating.

I leave you with some more cute pix:

funny pictures of dogs with captions

funny dog pictures with captions

funny pictures of cats with captions

funny pictures of cats with captions

funny pictures of dogs with captions

Have a great day!


You Are Sweet

You tend to be more of a quiet type, and sometimes people can overlook how great you are.

You are kind and considerate. You enjoy giving to others, and you always treat your friends well.

You love that Halloween is a time for treats. You get a thrill from handing out goodies to friends and strangers.

Beyond having a sweet personality, you also have a sweet tooth. You love tasting and sampling as much Halloween candy as possible.



Saturday, October 30, 2010

Saturday Stuff

People who snore always fall asleep first. ~Author Unknown

That quote, above, illustrates my life the last couple of days -- yes, DH has fallen asleep -- deeply asleep -- before me. And snored. *sigh*

In my family's typically miraculous fashion, both DH and DD are pretty nearly well this morning after one bad day. We seldom get sick here, and when we do it comes and goes at lightning speed (though the one "bad" day really, really stinks).

So ... my DH left to go hunting at the crack of dawn today. Since he believes the smell of soap, deodorant and toothpaste will alert the deer to his presences, he does what he calls "dirtbagging it". But, see, I'm confused. Wouldn't the smell of human sweat and morning breath be equally bad?


DD woke up early with the rest of us, and started doing school immediately (she took yesterday off because she felt yucky). Last year, with DH home all month, her schedule took a big hit and we fell massively behind (which is why we were doing school until July, which was the pits). It's tough to work with him around, because he figures since HE is off, so should we be and he's constantly finding jobs that we have to help with. *sigh*

For MaryC in case you didn't see my comment regarding YOUR comment about student coverage yesterday on health care -- I replied:

I'm not begrudging coverage to college students. The insurance company I worked for covered students up to age 22 and that never significantly affected the premiums.

Our health insurance coverage has remained the same over the past five years and yes, premiums have risen, but only a little. This year I'm paying significantly more for less coverage, and the fact is -- that dependent coverage up to age 26 (regardless of student status, whether or not they live at home, whether or not they are actually dependent on you, and even if they are MARRIED) is one of the things that affected the rates in a big way.

Take it from a former underwriter -- that was a huge change.

And that's all I have to say on health care reform. Well, it's all I'm GOING to say, anyway...


I started reading "The Way of the Cheetah" by Lynn Viehl last night in an effort to prepare more for NaNoWriMo. You can read it, too, if you're interested and for free. She gives you the link to download a copy of your own here.

She's had some really great posts on NaNoWriMo and I've enjoyed each one. You should visit her blog. It's really fabulous.


You Are Classic and Chic

You don't fall for old fads thinly disguised as new trends. You prefer to stick to what's tried and true.

You are wise and savvy. You know history well, and you aren't doomed to repeat it.

You aren't scared of much. You prefer to get to the bottom of things rather than wonder about them.

You believe that most fear is fear of the unknown, so you try to know as much as possible.

About 50/50...


Friday, October 29, 2010

Iz Not Mai Happy Face

DD is sick. DH is sick.

DH is home on vacation until December (with one or two exceptions).

We just got our insurance open enrollment -- the costs have gone up, the coverage down and this little gem is included thanks to health care "reform": Children of employees will be eligible for medical, dental and vision benefits coverage up to their 26th birthday, regardless of their residency, their financial dependency on you, the availability of other coverage or their student, employment, tax dependency or marital status.

In the good news column: I'm still healthy ... at least so far.

How's YOUR Friday?


You Are a Skeleton

You are totally goofy and entertaining. You are simply charming.

You know how to have fun, and you're happy to be part of a group or crowd.

You can be a bit dark in your thinking sometimes, though other people don't see it.

You tend to develop strange obsessions and offbeat interests. You are delightfully quirky.

That's me -- charming and delightfully quirky :-)

Speaking of skeletons -- at some point today, I'm hiding this one on my website for the LASR/WC Halloween Scavenger Hunt (prizes include a $50 Amazon or BN GC, and hundreds of books and other items -- deets will go up on the site tomorrow):

Isn't he CUTE?

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thursday Thirteen - Totally Random

Thirteen Random Observations

1. On the back of my salted peanuts can: "Contains peanuts". :::shakes head::: Really? That's necessary? Of course, on the back of my whole wheat crackers box it says "Contains Wheat", so apparently the human race IS incredibly stupid.

2. I realized some time ago that I applied dog training techniques to raising my daughter. Be firm, be consistent, and repeat until the action is learned. It's really not that hard. NOW, if only the woman in the grocery store with her kid screaming at the top of his lungs would learn. Would you let your dog behave that way without correcting it?

3. When I see news stories that indicate that only 50% of people are planning on voting this year, it makes me want to cry. I wonder how the people overseas, voting for the first time amidst gunfire and threats feel about our apathy?

4. If I ever want to find the warmest spot in the house, I'll follow my cat. Most recently I found her laying in the middle of the floor, directly above where our furnace is. There's a small spot there that is consistently warm this time of year from running our heat.

5. Little dogs look in the mirror and see a Doberman. This was evidenced last night by the nine pound Yorkie who, when taken off-leash for his agility run, promptly ran up to the two biggest (and moderately dog aggressive) dogs in the class: a Lab/Great Dane mix and a Bull Mastiff, and proceeded to provoke them.

6. There is nothing in the world to keep the germs away when everyone else in the house is sick. Both my DH and DD have colds. As of right now, I feel fine... and will take steps to keep it that way. But, even so, I'm not feeling real positive about my chances.

7. Maple trees and Birch trees lose their leaves -- most of ours are already bare. Oak trees tenaciously cling to their dead, brown leaves all through winter until spring, when the new buds push the old growth out of the way. It happens every year and mystifies me.

8. I was looking at dream interpretation sites because of my weird dream the other day, and stumbled across this in the Dream Moods Dictionary that cracked me up (I'm still not sure if it was put there for comic relief or if they're serious):
To dream about Tom Cruise, suggests that you have gone off the deep end in some aspect of your life.

9. Although I always knew tomatoes were a "non-sweet" fruit, I recently discovered that cucumbers and squash are, too. I'm not entirely certain why it matters, but I found it interesting.

10. The time to fix the shower curtain rod is NOT in the middle of a shower. Yes, I do know this from personal experience...

11. Why does food that is bad for you taste so good? *sigh*

12. I can't stop thinking and wondering about this: 'Time Traveler' Spied in 1928 Chaplin Film ... if you watch the YouTube video at the bottom of the article, I'd love to know what you think.

13. Slightly warped senses of humor are the best kind.
View More Thursday Thirteen Participants


You Are a Special Dark Chocolate Bar

You are a deep and complex person. You don't let anyone get too close to you.

You stay a mystery, and you're good at keeping secrets... especially your own.

You prefer to stay on the outside a bit and observe. You find people fascinating.

You seek to understand and appreciate the world. There is more to you than anyone will ever know.

Surprisingly close... and I do love my chocolate dark. Mmmm....


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Dog Dish with Maria Zannini

Today, Dakota and I welcome guests Tank and Iko who make their home with my friend and fellow author, Maria Zannini.

Maria and I have had several discussions about dogs -- in fact, her first comment on this blog was about dogs (yes, Maria, I remember the first time you commented). Remember, too -- Maria's giving away something to folks who comment on her blog posts, so check out the deets at the end.

So, without further ado, welcome her boys... Tank and Iko. Aren't they handsome?

Dakota: So, your human writes books. Does this mean she is home all day and easy to access?

Tank: Yes and no. She's home, but if it's nice out, she's usually outside digging in the dirt. Iko and I have offered to help many times, but she's never taken us up on it. Go figure.

Dakota: What are your techniques for distracting your human during crucial writing moments, just because it's fun? Or is that Iko’s job? If so, what do you do to support your human and keep Iko away?

Tank: I try not to bother mom when she's working. But when it's meal time, I consider it my duty to remind her. She loses track of time so quickly! I use my super giant head and plop it on her lap, then I mesmerize her with my big brown eyes. Within 30 seconds, she'll give me a kiss and ask me if I'm hungry.

Of course, I'm HUNGRY. I'm always hungry! I didn't get to be 130 pounds on Lean Cuisine.

As for supporting mom, I do my best to keep Iko away. He's a terrible pest. I really don't know why she keeps that dog other than he's good at finding scorpions. :sigh: I guess he'll have to stay.

Dakota: What indignities and neglect have you suffered because of your human's writing career?

Tank: Neglect? From mom? Never! She cooks for me. I get to sleep on her bed. And when I have bad dreams, she's always there to give me a big hug.

I remember how it used to be for me. Running the roads, nothing to eat, no place to sleep. I'm a big boy and you wouldn't believe how many other dogs want to fight you just to prove a point. I'm a lover not a fighter. It's not easy being a Rottweiler, especially a giant Rottweiler. Talk about racial profiling! Mom promised me I'd never have to go back to the streets and I believe her. She keeps me safe.

But no life is complete without indignities. They did bring home that annoying little puppy. I haven't had a minute's peace since Iko arrived.

Iko: Hey, I'm not annoying. Well…not all the time.

Dakota: Tell me about the dogs in your human's fiction. How often do they appear and how big a part do they play?

Tank: Mom doesn't put a lot of dogs in her fiction, but there's a mongrel that's going to show up in a new novel that's still hush-hush. She loves it when there are dogs in the story, but she hardly ever writes them in her own books. She says they'd take over the story if she let them. Duh. What's wrong with that?

Dakota: What movies involving dogs does your human enjoy sharing with you? Books with dogs?

Tank:: :::Whistling. Looking off into the distance::: Oh, uh, yeah…about that. I'm not allowed to be in the room when mom is watching her favorite dog movies. They look so real. I just want to jump into the television screen and join them. It got a little messy one time and mom got mad.

But she raves about It's A Dog's Life (she says it’s the best dog movie, ever!). And she has an entire library dedicated to dogs. She has everything from Good Dog, Carl by Alexandra Day to A Dog's Life In Art and Literature by Iain Zaczek

Dakota: If you could make one change to your human, what would it be?

Tank: I would love to change mom's internal clock. She gets up before the chickens and she insists I get up too. I'm a dog! We're allowed to sleep 20 hours a day.

Dakota: If you could tell your human one thing, what would it be?

Tank: Dad steals leftovers from the fridge and I hardly EVER get any.

Dakota: What things does your human do that would mortify her if known?

Tank: Okay, you promise you won't tell, right? Cuz if this got out, she'd know it came from me. (sniffs Dakota) You're not wearing a wire, are you?

Mm…you've got chicken breath.

:Tank drooling:

Oh, yeah, your question. Okay, here goes. On rainy Sundays, she will sometimes stay in her pajamas ALL DAY. She won't even answer the door. She just lounges around and watches old movies.

Dakota: What does your human do that most annoys?

Tank: Me? Nuthin'. I'm shiny.

Iko: Psst. What about me?

Tank: What about you? You're a pain.

Iko: Mom puts me in the crate when she goes out. That's annoying.

Tank: Not to me. :grin:

Dakota: Did your human name you for a fictional character? Hate it or love it? If you could rename yourself, what would your name be?

Tank: I showed up with my name. The people who rescued me said I was so big, I looked like a tank. Mom and dad were determined to give me a new name, but one look and they said it fit me too well. I'm good with it.

Iko: I don't like my name.

Tank: What's wrong with 'Iko'?

Iko: Not that name. The other name mom calls me whenever I'm bad.

Tank: Ohhh, that name. We can't repeat that here. This is a family blog.

Tank: Thanks for having us over, Dakota. The dog cookies were delicious!

Iko: I especially liked the fringe on your mom's rug.

Tank: Iko! Not the rug! Now Marianne will never have us over again.

Iko: Oops.

Dakota: Don't worry. We'll blame it on the cat. Hope you guys will come over and play again sometime!

If you'd like to hear more about Tank and Iko, the chickens, or Maria's crazy life on the homestead, stop by her blog. She's always telling stories.


Maria Zannini's latest release is a science fiction romance called TRUE BELIEVERS.

Mix one cynical immortal and one true believer and throw them into the biggest alien-hunt the world has never known. Rachel Cruz is a Nephilim masquerading as an archeologist and she's stuck with an alien who believes she can lead him to his ancestral gods. Black Ops wants to find these gods too. They want them dead.

Follow Maria here:


Contest time! Every time you leave a comment, tweet or mention "Maria Zannini" anywhere with a link to my blog, your name goes in the hat for a chance to win a Texas sized prize. Go here for more information.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

On NaNo and Dreams

Dreaming permits each and every one of us to be quietly and safely insane every night of our lives. ~William Dement

I'm alternately ready and OH-SO not ready for NaNoWriMo to start. I have a long list of ideas for scenes and have been messing with my favorite scene question:

What would (the character) NEVER do? Now ... find a way for (the character) to do it.

Always fun and challenging.

I also updated my collage for the story:

Geoff is going to be swallowed up into a family of crazy sisters -- all artists of some sort and full of fun and energy. He's a little out of his depth. And, if you look up in the corner, that's Liv and Mike. We'll touch base with them now and then throughout the story as well.

I know I have more to do to be truly prepared, and I have to figure out how to work around DH's "I'm off all month" November schedule to find time to write AND get all my work done.

I may need to commit myself to the funny farm come December 1st. Maybe before.


I had an incredibly vivid dream last night. I didn't live here, I was in a house in the city with a smaller backyard. The yard was FULL of a thriving vegetable garden: tomatoes and squash. The plants were huge and full of ripe fruit and needed harvesting. The colors were so vivid -- I remember seeing heirloom tomatoes in all colors: orange, yellow, pink. Everything was too big -- the squash fruit was enormous, the tomatoes the size of my head. And I had to army crawl under them to get anywhere, and when I did I discovered that something had come along at that level and taken a bite out of every tomato underneath. I was also raising tomato worms in my caterpillar box!

My mom was there, and in the dream she and DD were leaving in her car to go somewhere and I had to harvest everything by myself. The tomato worms were out of food, too, so I had to replenish their supplies.

I think I need a dream analyst on staff. I have the strangest dreams...


You Are Bold

You are a total go getter. You aren't meek about speaking your mind and taking action.

You are successful and a high achiever. You like to work hard, and you like the rewards that come with your success.

While you are very career focused, you are also family oriented. You seek a balanced life.

You have lofty goals, but you still have your feet firmly planted on the ground.

Pretty close to all correct.


Monday, October 25, 2010

Truths and Trees and Trinkets

Never do anything that you wouldn't want to explain to the paramedics. ~ Author Unknown

So ... we took down three more trees yesterday -- all oaks. Two were fairly small, but one was huge and it was oh-so much fun moving brush and piling logs. I just kept saying, "I'm going to be so glad in the winter when I'm toasty warm." over and over. I wasn't entirely convinced of that, though, when it started to rain on us while we worked. *sigh*

DD has decided she wants her own laptop. So, that's her next "I'm saving for" item. The computer she uses now is my old, old desktop (from six or seven years ago). It's functional but incredibly slow. I've told her that just because she *might* get a laptop, she doesn't get to have it in her room. We'll see. She keeps getting tempted by other things (most recently, she stumbled on last year's Holiday Barbie on sale for only $15 and bought it), so the laptop may not happen for awhile.

I did put up a pile of new jewelry on her ArtFire site last week. For some reason, I really like these earrings:

DD's favorites from what I uploaded were these:

She's busily at work making Christmas earrings. I bought her a bunch of red and green Swarovski Crystal beads as well as small white ones. They're SO pretty and sparkly... I can't wait to see what she does with them.

And now, without further ado I give you for your daily giggle ...


1. A best friend's job should be to immediately clear your computer history if you die.

2. Nothing sucks more than that moment during an argument when you realize you're wrong.

3. I totally take back all those times I didn't want to nap when I was younger.

4. There is great need for a sarcasm font.

5. Map Quest really needs to start directions on # 5. I'm pretty sure I
know how to get out of my neighborhood.

6. I can't remember the last time I wasn't at least kind of tired.

7. Bad decisions make good stories.

8. Can we all just agree to ignore whatever comes after Blue Ray? I don't want to have to restart my collection...again.

9. I'm always slightly terrified when I exit out of Word and it asks me if I want to save any changes to my ten-page technical report that I swear I did not make any changes to.

10. I think the freezer deserves a light as well.

11. I wish Google Maps had an "Avoid Ghetto" routing option.

12. I have a hard time deciphering the fine line between boredom and hunger.

13. How many times is it appropriate to say "What?" before you just nod and smile because you still didn't hear or understand a word they said?

14. I love the sense of camaraderie when an entire line of cars team up to prevent a jerk from cutting in at the front. Stay strong, brothers and sisters!

15. Shirts get dirty. Underwear gets dirty. Pants? Pants never get dirty, and you can wear them forever.

16. Sometimes I'll look down at my watch three consecutive times and still not know what time it is.

17. Even under ideal conditions people have trouble locating their car keys
in a pocket, finding their cell phone, and Pinning the Tail on the Donkey -but I'd bet everyone can find and push the snooze button from 3 feet away,in about 1.7 seconds, eyes closed, first time, every time!

18. The first testicular guard, the "Cup," was used in Hockey in 1874 and the first helmet was used in 1974. That means it only took 100 years for men to realize that their brain is also important.

Have a great Monday!


You Are the Left Side of the Brain

You are a logical and orderly person. You have a system for almost everything in your life.

You like to stay busy, and it's important that you stay on task. You prefer to do one thing at a time.

You are rational and detail oriented. You love to analyze, and you have a head for numbers.

You are also good with words. You love to read, and you've been known to write well.

Yep. That one is right on...


Sunday, October 24, 2010

I Want My Meme-y

“Joy is the feeling of grinning inside.” - Melba Colgrove

First off ... I gave up on controlling my Google Reader and deleted everything. I'm starting from scratch because the sheer number of unread posts was overwhelming. I did try to visit most of my friends, but if I didn't I'm SO sorry. I'll do my best to not let that craziness happen again.

Now ... moving on.

This is from Groovy. Here's the deal: I'm to answer the following 8 questions made up by Groovy, make up 8 questions of my own, and then tag 8 of you to answer my questions (everyone who's reading ... consider yourself tagged!).

Here are her questions (and my answers, of course!):

1. What do you think are three top qualities to look for in a politician?

This is a tough one for me because ... I don't get political here (which is VERY VERY difficult -- those of you who know me IRL know I have strong political leanings).

1. A belief that government does not exist to take care of people.

2. A belief that problems don't need more money thrown at them.

3. A belief that freedom is the foundation of this country and that the Constitution is not a fluid document.

2. Which do you read more of, fiction or non-fiction? And please give us one awesome book recommendation while you're here...

I probably read more fiction, but it's awfully close. I was just mentioning to my mom the other day that I feel like Tom Cruise's character in Cocktail (remember how he always had a self-help book with him?) because I always have books on nutrition or food near me (though lately, I've had equally as many books on computer software).

Book recommendations?

For fiction: I recently finished "The Search" by Nora Roberts and LOVED it.

For non-fiction: One of the most level-headed authors on nutrition I've ever read is Michael Pollan. I'd strongly recommend reading either (or both!) "In Defense of Food" and "The Omnivore's Dilemma".

3. What is your go-to outfit for dressy occasions? Describe it for us!

Um ... I don't have one? I don't HAVE dressy occasions anymore. I do have a plain black skirt that goes with nearly everything when I have to wear something a little more upscale than jeans. I still OWN fancy clothes, but they were all purchased about 40 pounds ago...

4. What song(s) do you want sung at your funeral? Why?

Maybe this:

Or this (but maybe they could say "A Good Woman"?):

Or this (for my daughter):

Or this:

Okay ... seriously, I don't have clue. Maybe I should think about it?

5. What is your favorite way to unwind?

Unwind? What's that? .... :::think think think:::

Um ...

Reading? Weeding? Maybe watching TV? A like a nice long walk early in the morning when no one else is up.

But, honestly, mostly I just don't unwind.

6. Do you think you could live contentedly in a 2 room home (plus a bathroom, of course)? Why or why not?

Okay, growing up I lived for a few months in a tent with my mom, sister, brother and step-dad. We moved up in the world to a tiny little camper with a shed built on.

After that, a 2 room house is a mansion.

Seriously, I think I could pretty much live anywhere and be comfortable. As long as there was a bathroom.

7. What is your all-time favorite breakfast? (Come on now, make us drool!)

Okay ... again, I'm going "um". I'm not a big breakfast person. Growing up, a special breakfast was going to Denny's and getting their Grand Slam breakfast, though my favorite part was having orange juice. That was SUCH a treat.

As an adult, I've gone from Pop Tarts (mmmmm) to cold cereal to fruit smoothies. Really, for me breakfast is a chore. Next time ask me about dinner...

8. And lastly, are you gonna join me in participating in NaNoWriMo this November? (I hope so!)

Heck yeah!!! See:

For those of you who aren't participating in NaNo, but want to support those of us who ARE? Lynn Viehl created these awesome badges -- feel free to grab one:

Now -- my eight questions for anyone who's brave enough to play (please play! I'll come visit if you leave me a comment saying you're playing ... c'mon, it's fun!):

1. What's one of your worst phobias. Why? Give us an example of a time it affected you.

2. What was your first pet? Tell us a story about it.

3. What color would you never paint your bedroom. Why?

4. What's your guilty pleasure on TV? If you don't watch TV, then what's a guilty pleasure you have in general?

5. What's your least favorite household chore? Why?

6. Most embarrassing moment from your youth?

7. The one song that defines your high school years? Why?

8. Summer or Winter? Why?


You Crave Rest

You are realistic about your present and future. You have some work cut out ahead of you, but you also think you're up for the challenge.

You see love as companionship. You're the type of person who would fall for his or her best friend.

You expect other people to get along with you. You seem to always make instant friends.

Your inner child is playful. You can have as much fun as any kid!

I do crave rest ... not so sure about the rest of it!


Saturday, October 23, 2010

Quackie Needs a HEA

With what a deep devotedness of woe
I wept thy absence - o'er and o'er again
Thinking of thee, still thee, till thought grew pain,
And memory, like a drop that, night and day,
Falls cold and ceaseless, wore my heart away!
~Thomas Moore

This is something that's tugged on my heartstrings for some time now. You see... we have a person up the road with a pond. Several years ago, they brought in four white ducks.

The ducks paired off as animals will and lived happy lives on the pond, swimming and eating duck food and playing duck games.

Then one day as we drove by, we saw one of the ducks had clearly been killed by something. Its body was lying motionless and its feathers scattered hither and yon. The people removed its body, and left only three ducks.

Every time we drove by, two ducks were close to each other, and one duck floated nearby, but excluded. Still, he had his flock.

The next year, the three ducks returned to the pond. We'd hoped that duck number three would have found mate, but he didn't. Then, one day he was gone -- we assume he flew away to go find his happy ever after and were happy for him.

Then there were two.

For the last few years, there have been two white ducks hanging out at the pond. They're occasionally joined by mallards and Canadian geese, and once there was a heron. I love to drive by and watch the goings-on.

Until a month or so ago... when suddenly...

There was only one.

Poor little Quackie was all alone. For several days, I hoped that I was only just not seeing the other duck, but she never reappeared. Poor Quackie was so lonely. Whenever a few mallards would show up, she happily joined their flock. But then they left, and she would stay, alone, at her pond.

Ducks are flock animals. They aren't meant to be alone. And every time I drive past and see poor Quackie floating in her solitude, my heart breaks.

Next year, if and when Quackie returns, I hope these people bring in new ducks. I'm so sad about the whole deal that I might just go and offer to buy them a few new ducks, just so I don't have to watch poor Quackie all alone.

Quackie needs a HEA.


You Are Simply Fun

You're out to have a blast, and you enjoy almost any activity. You are naturally upbeat.

You don't need to have a wild time to live it up, but you don't object to a little adventure either.

You don't get bored easily. You can always figure out a way to entertain you and your friends.

You are creative and resourceful. You think a lot of things can be fun - it's all about attitude.

Okay.... and yeah, I'm not going bungee jumping. Just saying.


Friday, October 22, 2010

My Own Horror Story

There are very few monsters who warrant the fear we have of them. ~Andre Gide

So, last night I was sitting at the dining table, minding my own business when I heard this scrabbling sound outside. I figured it would go away pretty quickly, but ... it didn't.

Scrabble. Scrabble. Scrabble.

I used to be a big horror movie buff (until "Scream" scared me badly enough I stopped watching them), and I still watch shows on TV like "Criminal Minds". Add in the fact that I'm also an author, and you have one HECK of a vivid (and occasionally gory) imagination.

You've all heard that urban legend / campfire story about the kids up at Lovers Lane. For some reason, the boyfriend exits the car. After a bit, the girlfriend hears something brushing against the roof of the car. Scratch. Scratch. Scratch.

Turns out that some maniac killed the boyfriend and hung him upside down from a tree above the car and his fingers were brushing back and forth against the roof.

So, yeah... scrabbling noises were a little freaky, even though my logical self figured it for a critter. That's what the kids in all the horror films think, too, and look where it got THEM.

I sat there for a few moments... do I turn on the light outside to see what it is or not? Do I? Don't I?

Finally I can't stand it. I stand up, open the curtain and -- with my heart in my throat -- flip on the light.


I heaved a sigh about the time something dropped down right in front of the glass door, inches from my face.


Yes, yes I did scream. DD came running downstairs ("I thought you'd been stabbed." -- imagination runs in the family), the dog AND the cat both came over to see what was going on.

I'm still not entirely certain what kind of creature it was, though I'm leaning toward a baby gray squirrel (though what it was doing out at that time of night ... didn't its mother give it a curfew?), but it didn't exactly look like one. It was about the size of a chipmunk, gray fur and a fluffy but fairly short gray tail with big, dark eyes.

One of my online friends asked if it might be a pet chinchilla that got loose.

And, actually, that looks pretty close to what it looked like. But, how did it get up on my roof?


You Dream of a Luxurious Life

It's likely that you need a little more pampering and indulgence in your life. You need to be taken care of.

You'd love a day of luxury - where time and price didn't matter. You'd like to soak in some comfort.

You work hard, and you want to reward yourself with some treats. Life is too short to be too stingy.

You have good taste. You can't help it if you like nice things!

Yes, I would love a day of luxury...


Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Dog is Barking

If you think dogs can't count, try putting three dog biscuits in your pocket and then giving Fido only two of them. ~Phil Pastoret

I'm crocheting a blaze orange vest for Dakota to wear outside during hunting season. I should have started a little earlier, since it's already bow season, and muzzle loader starts in eight days. I've been working on it any time I have five minutes (literally -- yesterday, I was waiting for DD to get her hair brushed for us to go and did row and a half), but it's taking a while. I haven't crocheted in a LONG time, so I'm not as fast as I used to be.

Still, it's just a basic, easy single stitch. No brains, no counting, nothing but time required. I'm hoping to be done by muzzle loader season.

In agility class yesterday, the instructor had two half-grown schnauzers there while we were setting up. I wondered how Dakota would do, since the schnauzer on our street is the bane of her existence and that she actually acts aggressively toward him when she sees him now.

At first she was fine. They were insecure and didn't want to play. They mostly just circled and barked. Then one of them had to go get cleaned up (he had a messy rear) and left just the one. It kept following Dakota around, about three feet away and barking. She finally had it, turned and barked back and would NOT stop. Understand, she's not a barky dog. She was in a play bow for part of the time, but mostly I think she was just frustrated.

I had to put her in dog jail. :::shakes head:::

And, I need to admit that I'm not a fan of schnauzers, though the schnoodle that was in agility was a wonderful dog.

We start a new beginning class tonight. I wonder who will be in it? I really love meeting all the dogs and working with them and the owners.


Maria Zannini begged to know what animal I was going to introduce in "A Jewel For Geoff"... begged.

Maria, it's not so much the animal it will be but how he's going to get it. Though, I may still change the pet. And, nope, not telling. At least not yet. You also mentioned a contest to name the pet ... dunno about that, but I might solicit some "dares" from y'all to keep me going through the month!

Ceri mentioned wanting to have a pet chicken in one of her stories. I actually have a WIP that includes pet chickens (it was a NaNo dare!). No animal is too strange. You should see the sequel to the sequel for "Kitchen Matches" -- it's full of interesting critters.


You Are a Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate

You are deep and complex. Once someone thinks they've figured you out, you add another layer of depth.

You have many interesting and contradicting facets to your personality. You are a bit of a mystery.

You may be sophisticated and well traveled, but you don't show it off. You don't like to brag.

You are slightly exotic, but you are also down to earth. You are very smooth.

Don't know about the sophisticated and well-traveled part, but much of the rest is pretty close, actually.


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Random Gabbing and NaNo Dreams

And by the way, everything in life is writable about if you have the outgoing guts to do it, and the imagination to improvise. ~Sylvia Plath

We've had frost the past two days. This is the toughest time of the year for me -- I ache to bring in my annuals so they won't die. Leaving them outside KNOWING that they're going to get killed is one of the hardest things to do for me. The portulaca are already gone (though I'm probably going to go out and collect seeds) but the zinnia and petunias are still hanging on. I'm itching to pull in the two pots I have planted... but so far I've resisted.

It's unseasonably warm here, so I shouldn't complain. That doesn't mean it's WARM -- we're having highs in the 60s -- but I'm trying to remember that we usually get our first hard frost in mid-September. DH has requested most of November off for hunting and it made me remember why doing NaNoWriMo is doubly hard. Because DH is around messing with my already crazy routine! Oy...

Speaking of NaNoWriMo , I've done some more plotting on the story and have found out lots of interesting information on Geoff ... things I never would have guessed from writing him in "One Love for Liv". It's fascinating how characters can spill their guts when you just relax and let them.

I need to research organ transplants (probably kidney, since I'd prefer my donating character to live).

I kept trying to throw in some significant external conflict, but the characters told me NO. They said they have enough to worry about with the internal conflicts. Of course, there is some external conflict, but apparently it's not going to be the major issue. Of course, it IS NaNoWriMo , so that could all change as the fingers take over.

The next thing I need to do is to look through the list of dares on the NaNoWriMo forum. I love to use dares when I hit a road block. Using dares is what created an entire character in "Liv", and one that I ended up adoring and having so much fun with -- Frank, the chaser of world records.

I also need to figure out who is going to have a pet. I don't think it can be my heroine, because she runs a cooking business in her home, and I think that's a code violation, which leaves Geoff ... and that could be interesting. OH... OH... I just had a great idea!!! Nope, not sharing, but am going to add it to my NaNoWriMo notes.

The best part about writing a book that doesn't take itself seriously is that you can do pretty much anything you want, even if it's a bit crazy. And random. For instance, when Judy and I first started the LASR/WC site, we had a person who regularly entered our contests and had the funniest name. She told me I had to use it in a book someday. So ... I am. And she's a fun character -- one I added simply because I wanted to use the name. I suspect she'd going to become fairly integral to the plot now. I wonder what the real person is like?

In any case, I'm doing the best I can to plan and arrange for success in NaNoWriMo . There's no guarantee of course, but I'm going to give it the best push I can.

In the meantime, it's time for me to go wake up my house. Wishing you all a fabulous day!


You Sometimes Attend to Your Emotions

You can express your emotions, but it's not always easy for you. It takes you a while to open up.

You always make your decisions based on facts and logic. You never listen to your heart, because you know it can lead you astray.

You are somewhat emotionally responsive. You react emotionally, but you are not overly sensitive.

You are not a very empathetic person. You tend to look at things cooly and rationally.

Just call me Spock.

Live long and prosper.


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

How I Am

I think my idea of retirement might be to one day work a 40-hour week. ~Vince McMahon

Dru asked me yesterday how I was. Truth? I'm tired.

Here's the thing. Despite gabbing daily on this blog, I'm a pretty private person. The things that affect me the most seldom get discussed -- here or anywhere else. I'm the kind of person who only has a couple REALLY close friends and it takes a long time for me to be comfortable enough to bare my soul to anyone.

I know you've all had significant hints that things have been bumpy for me lately. Trust is, it's been more than bumpy -- it's been overwhelming and exhausting and very nearly more than I could handle. I had a bit of a meltdown last week. I hit the wall HARD and didn't feel like picking myself up.

I did, of course. That's the Type A in me... but it didn't make me happy, or less stressed and tired.

That fact is, my life revolves around the LASR/WC website. It's the first thing I work on when I get up, and the last thing I do at night. It's a labor of love, but it's killing me. It's also killing my business partner (who has a full time job outside the home) and the other ladies who work with me. Honestly, we all rather hit the wall last week -- we don't usually coordinate so well!

The good news is that I'm trying to take steps to help eliminate what stressors I can. I miss having a life: playing board games with my daughter, scrapbooking, cross stitching, even gardening (which I did precious little of this year). I didn't even do the cooking from scratch that I'd intended. I miss visiting all the blogs I love on a daily basis. And WRITING! How I miss writing. If I had a dollar for every time someone has asked me when I'd write sequels to several of my stories, I'd be rich.

Those steps will take place slowly over time, and some things will probably make me MORE stressed before they make me less stressed (like learning software that will ultimately make my life easier), but I have hopes it will happen.

Fact is, it has to happen. I don't know that I'll discuss things much unless they impact the blog, but behind the scenes, there will be changes. And hopefully, you'll start seeing a happier more relaxed me.

And that, to answer Dru (*G*), is how I am.


You Are Ruled by Saturn

You are a driven and focused person. You always have at least one major goal in site.

You are responsible and capable. It drives you crazy to sit still for any amount of time.

You love to be productive, and you're definitely guilty of sometimes being a workaholic.

You have experienced a lot in your life. You are very wise, and people look up to you.

HAHAHAHAHA... could there have been a more perfect quiz for today? And, yeah, it's 100% right on - well, maybe not the wise and being looked-up-to part, unless you count Dakota. *snort*


Monday, October 18, 2010

Adventures in Wood Cutting

If trees could scream, would we be so cavalier about cutting them down? We might, if they screamed all the time, for no good reason. ~Jack Handey

So ... yesterday. We finished splitting the wood out back and hauling and stacking it. While DD and I were piling the last bit, my DH went to SIL's house to take down trees. We followed about 45 mins after he left and when I pulled in to her driveway, she came marching around from the back. As I walked to her I saw she was crying...

Uh oh.

Of course I had all the things in my head that could go wrong -- first and foremost that a tree fell on her house. Thankfully, that wasn't the case.

It fell on her shed.

And on her magnolia tree -- her beautiful, amazing magnolia tree.

I knew she was crying for her tree and not the shed and I was right. Worse (for her... but a relief for me) was that it was her fault the tree fell where it was. She was responsible for the winch and didn't do the job right.

Thankfully the shed wasn't badly damaged. The windows didn't break, and only one decorative beam was shattered. The roof is shingled with metal and the cap has a dent, so will need to be replaced, but otherwise, amazingly it escaped nearly unscathed.

Not so the tree.

She has THREE more trees she wants taken down, but refuses to work the winch again. Which leaves ME. And ... uh... no. I'm not going to do it, not at her house. My house? Maybe. But I'm not taking responsibility for another person's property. So, if she wants those trees down, she'll have to find someone else.

We need 4 - 5 more trees to have enough wood for next year. Guess we'll see how things work out.

In the meantime, a little pictorial ode to a magnolia tree (no, these aren't pictures of hers ... but they're almost identical):


You Are Down to Earth Fun

You are the type of person who really enjoys life. You have simple tastes and keep your expectations low.

When it's time to let loose, you find a way to kick back. You find it easy to relax.

Your friends can count on you to be practical and no nonsense. Everyone appreciates that you live a drama free life.

It hasn't been a good night unless everyone has had fun. You're happy if your friends are happy.

Okay :-)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Short Blogging Vacation

I do not really like vacations. I much prefer an occasional day off when I do not feel like working. ~ Robertson Davies.

Woke up with a headache again. The only thing I can think of to say is, "Two Advil, please."

I'm taking the day off ... and tomorrow, too. I need one less thing to worry about right now. Thanks all!


You Are Creative and Artistic

You are the type of person who has a very active imagination. You live in a bit of a dream world.

Whenever you are able to channel your creativity, you are very productive and successful.

You are a very visual person, and you appreciate beauty and design. You feel anxious in the wrong surroundings.

You love luxury, and at times you can be an extravagant spender. You have no problem spoiling yourself.

I'm good with that....


Friday, October 15, 2010

A Pain in My Head

“I could never say in the morning, "I have a headache and cannot do thus and so". Headache or no headache, thus and so had to be done.” - Eleanor Roosevelt quotes

I finally hit the wall yesterday. I've been wondering when it would -- my inability to sleep mixed with massive overwork usually makes it happen that way.

Yesterday, I woke up with the headache that would not die. I had DD beat on my back (the spot between my spine and shoulder blade ... it's always tight and usually her beating on it helps). Nothing. I rubbed the pressure point on my hand (the webbing between thumb and index finger). Nothing. Wondered if it was a caffeine headache (because it did, indeed, feel like someone had slammed an ax into my head), so drank copious amounts of coffee. Nothing. Took four Advil. Nothing. A few hours later, I took four Tylenol. Nada. Had to run errands, but upon my return, I started mixing drugs: took two Advil and two Tylenol. Nothing. Finally, 90 mins later, I took an Naproxen (Aleve).

Praise heavens, at 4:30 yesterday afternoon, my screaming headache abated -- just in time to help at beginning agility. So, yeah, I didn't get a lot done yesterday, and that includes visiting blogs.

Today I didn't set an alarm, and I locked up the cat. Despite awakening at 1:30 a.m. (this is typical for me), I fell back asleep and STAYED asleep until 6:30 a.m. We won't talk about the weird dreams I had (Judy says a dream analyst would have a field day with me), but even so I'm feeling *pretty* good today.

I do wish I had an indoor patch of grass for the dog, though. It's POURING down rain and super windy this morning. When I opened the door for her, she backed up and I could actually hear her say, "Are you out of your ever-loving mind?". But, it had been eleven hours since she'd gone, so I opened the door and shoved her out with an order to go potty.

She did, but she's not speaking to me any more.


You Are Radiant

You have a natural glow from with in. You seem to always sparkle.

You are joyful and delighted with the world. You have found your bliss.

You remain bright and sunny even when the outlook isn't so good.

You believe the world is a glorious place, and you're going to celebrate it as much as you can.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.... :::gasps for breath::: ..... no.


Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Visit From Jack Frost

Bittersweet October. The mellow, messy, leaf-kicking, perfect pause between the opposing miseries of summer and winter. ~Carol Bishop Hipps

We had our first frost yesterday. It wasn't a hard frost, just pretty little shiny sparks of light on the grass when I turned the light on to let the dog out. It didn't even really kill anything (not even the milkweed aphids that have infested my milkweed stalks ... making it really messy to pull them up).

Something I'd forgotten to mention from our agility match over the weekend... on the wire fence surrounding the agility equipment, DD found a monarch chrysalis. It was gray, which meant it would hatch soon, but it was right in front and getting badly bumped -- so I pulled it off and brought it home (of course! Was there any doubt?).

The next morning, we welcomed Zia to the world.

We released her around lunch time and wished her well (with the very strong advice to FLY SOUTH IMMEDIATELY -- I hope she listened). It was a lovely way to say farewell to summer.


I watched a movie over the weekend that I completely enjoyed. It's out on DVD, so some of you may already have watched it, but it made me laugh. A lot. I'd forgotten how much I liked Ryan Reynolds (I used to watch "A Guy, A Girl and a Pizza Place" many years ago). His facial expressions and timing are right on. And my DH even enjoyed it (commenting on how good Sandra Bullock looks ... I agree and, dang it, she's three years OLDER than me).

So, if you want something to make you smile, I recommend it. The end is a little cliched, but sweet and you know me -- all about the HEA!!


You Are the Fairy

You are charming, cheerful, and a little bit magical. You make other people's lives better.

You are a bit eccentric at times, but you truly care about people in your own way.

You are hyper and restless. It drives you crazy to sit still, and you are usually the first to leave any event.

You are unpredictable and flighty. No one can guess what you'll be up to next ... or where you'll be!

About 75% right, lol!


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Gearing up for NaNoWriMo

“Every novel should have a beginning, a muddle, and an end.” - Peter De Vries

I'm under few illusions this year -- if I win NaNoWriMo it will be a miracle. But I'm going to give it the old college try and even if I only get 25,000 words that 25,000 more than I've BEEN getting, so it'll all be good.

I spent some time last night revisiting "A Jewel for Geoff" -- My "One Love for Liv" sequel. I had *barely* started it, but knew that the conflict wasn't good and the story wasn't heading in the right direction. It needed a complete overhaul -- as in, keep the characters and ditch everything else. It's going to be my NaNoWriMo project because it's the only full length project I have planned currently.

I also did some brainstorming on it last night as I laid in bed. Thought of scenes (My favorite question to ask is: What would Geoff NEVER do? Now, how can you make him do it?), added a new conflict (actually two, but one is fairly small), and just basically let my mind think up plenty of goofiness. Not as much as will probably end up being there as I use NaNoWriMo dares (those are in the forums), but still -- it's a start.

Now, I have also been checking out a few sites that are talking about NaNo prep and thought I'd share them with you.

Routines For Writers is a site I visit regularly. But this month (with the exception of today's post) has been dedicated to NaNo prep. There is LOTS of good info there. If you have time, give it a look.

Lynn Viehl at Paperback Writer has been discussing NaNo on her blog this month as well. Every Wednesday, she's posting tips.

And if you're looking for ideas on creating characters, plotting a novel, world-building and more, you can do worse than checking out Forward Motion, a writing forum of sorts created by Holly Lisle.

Okay ... who else has some suggestions for getting ready for NaNoWriMo? I want to hear them all!

Also, feel free to add my to your list of NaNo buddies. My user ID is MarianneArkins


You Are Driven Stressed

You have a lot of stress in your life, but a lot of it is your own doing.

You put a lot of pressure on yourself. You have high standards, and you won't stop until you meet them.

You can become work and goal obsessed. You sometimes suffer from too much micromanagement.

Slow down and give yourself a break. When it comes to stress, you are your own worst enemy.

Um .. yeah.. that's pretty much right on.


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Agility Competition

"What separates the winners from the losers is how a person reacts to each new twist of fate." — Donald Trump

First a little business: My online friend and talented author, Maria Zannini, has a book in the KENSINGTON "Writing With the Stars" contest!! I'm so thrilled for her -- but she needs our help. See her post here about the contest and her excerpt, and go vote!

So ... last Saturday night DD finally decided she wanted to compete in a local trainer's junior agility competition the following morning. I wasn't even sure we COULD compete, but decided to just show up and see what happened.

The people there were fabulous. It was an interesting dynamic. Clearly everyone there knew everyone, and had been competing and training together for quite some time. So, a tight knit group, but also very inclusive. They had no trouble at all welcoming the three of us into the fold. DD even ran another dog for the owner. Everyone was very supportive and full of all kinds of information -- including the fact that a more formal CPE Junior Agility event was being held the first weekend of November. They were all very impressed with DD's ability and strongly recommended she start competing at CPE trials (whether they were specifically for Junior Handlers or not).

There were four "classes" at the competition: Games (we did "Full House"), two standard, numbered courses, and one jumps and tunnels.

Dakota and DD won the blue ribbon for games. That's this video (and as always I apologize for the quality -- I'm still using my cell):

Things were looking good, and I was excited that Dakota was responding well in a strange environment... but I got too confident too soon.

You see... this was an outdoor competition on a woman's property and along with agility, she also raises miniature horses. Horses whose pasture abutts the agility ring. And right in the middle of one of Dakota's runs, they decided to run down and check things out...

Part of what happened is off screen in the video, sorry! When Dakota came out of the tunnel underneath the A-Frame, she saw HORSES!! DD grabbed her (a fault) and she ran up the frame and then stopped and LOOKED AT THE HORSES!!! while DD stood at the bottom calling and clapping and whistling. You'll see the judge start over to help when Dakota finally comes down. But she goes off course at the bottom for a moment, too, because HORSES!!!!

DD came off the course with tears in her eyes. Everyone was wildly encouraging, and Dakota wasn't the only dog to be fascinated by the HORSES!!, but that didn't matter. It was DD's only last place run in her class.

It was a good experience for both of them. I'm glad we went. And, yeah, we'll probably do the other Junior Agility trial in November, even though it's the Saturday before the fun match from our agility class, so it means an entire weekend of agility because it's something DD really loves, and it's getting her involved with other kids who love it, too.


Tomorrow -- a few websites I've found that are helping prepare folks for NaNoWriMo.


You Are Sensible

You are a down to earth and practical person. You don't get caught up in flights of fancy.

You try to look at all sides of something cooly and rationally. You make prudent decisions.

You are always aware and informed. You rather know all the facts, even if they're hard to swallow.

You are together and wise. People can rely on you to be the voice of reason.

That's mostly right. :-)


Monday, October 11, 2010

My First Post and A Sum Up

"A man would do nothing, if he waited until he could do it so well that no one would find fault with what he has done." — Cardinal Newman, British Preacher (1801-1890)

First off... I'm blogging for the first time at the Marianne's blog, All Day, All Night. I'd love some company!

Secondly, I'm working on doing some editing (of audio) on the videos I took yesterday at the junior handler meet. We had a lot of fun, and I'll blog more tomorrow. Because I essentially had two days away from the computer, I'm buried in emails and work. Here's a picture of most of the kids (I couldn't fit them all and still get DD in the photo -- they did have a photographer there, and I should have some pix of hers I can nab once they're uploaded onto Shutterfly.

DD ran another dog, a gorgeous, sweet-tempered long-haired Whippet named Gambler as well as running Dakota. And between the dogs she got three firsts, one third and two fourths (there were four different competition classes).

I promise more details tomorrow -- and hopefully a video or two.


You Are Cheer Bear

You are naturally happy and upbeat... some people think unbelievably so.

Your perkiness is 100% real. You are just a jubilant person who loves life.

You always have a smile on your face. You choose to be cheerful and look on the sunny side of life.

You know just what it takes to cheer someone up, and you're always happy to brighten someone's day.



Sunday, October 10, 2010

Stacking Wood

There aren't enough days in the weekend. ~Rod Schmidt

I'm flat out exhausted. Yesterday we spent just over four hours moving and stacking wood. We took down trees at SILs last year and stacked the logs in our back yard. Now, DH is hand-splitting them with a maul, and I load them in the mower's trailer then haul them to our driveway, dump and stack (with DD's help). Lather, rinse, repeat. We got about 1/4 of the wood done yesterday and DH would like to do as much today.


Today is a junior handler competition. I don't know if we're eligible (the form asks for a member ID) and DD waffled back and forth on whether she wanted to compete. She decided LAST NIGHT that she'd like to, so if I have the energy, and I'm ready in a couple hours, we're going to drive there and see if we can sign up.

So ... I suppose I'll have a pile of wood to move later today instead.

And somewhere in there I have to build the LASR/WC/Aurora website for next week.

Um. Okay.


You Are Peanut Butter Patties / Tagalongs

You are creative and artistic. When you think, you tend to think big.

You go for the drama. You love excitement and passion... even if it gets you in trouble.

You are intense and a little self centered. You can be quite full of yourself (but not without reason).

You tend to be very indulgent. If you feel like having something, you go ahead and treat yourself.

LOVE Tagalongs... but the answers are only about 50/50...


Saturday, October 09, 2010

Birds and Trucks and NaNo (oh my)

So... yesterday, my very handy husband fixed a fuel line leak in his truck. It's awfully nice to have a handy husband around -- just saying. The repair itself was incredibly simple, but getting to the line? Not so much.

We had to pull the bed off the truck AND drop the gas tank (which, unfortunately, was full). When DH looked at some online forums to get information about taking off the bed, he said they all said you needed four men to get it off. Since we don't HAVE four men, and since it was a Friday and all them men we knew were off at their jobs, it was up to DH, DD and me to do the job.

I'm happy to say that, although it was a little dicey and DD nearly dropped her side when we took it off, we got it done. DH was tempted to leave it off and drive around what he called a redneck vehicle (kind of like when he was painting his car and almost clear-coated over the primer, just because).

In any case, here's the truck sans bed (I either cropped out or blacked out DH's face ... he's not a fan of pictures and he's especially not a fan of having them online):

Surprisingly, putting the bed back ON was easier than getting it off. But, my arms are a little sore this morning, and I'm willing to bet they'll get more so. It's not going to help that we're starting to split, move and stack our wood for the winter today. Whee!!!

In other news, we had our annual visit from the grackles. These things are amazing -- they come in these huge, NOISY flocks of several hundred birds. When they're here, all you hear is chirping (or whatever you'd call what they do) loud enough it's a little scary. Here's a partial picture of them on my lawn. I was taking the picture through the window and most of them are actually around the corner of my house:

It about drove Dakota nuts.


In writing news, I signed up for NaNoWriMo. I'm not feeling really positive about it this year, but I just can't NOT give it a try...

Yeah, I know. But it's in the blood. I love NaNo.

If you're doing NaNoWriMo, feel free to add me as a friend. My user ID is (oddly enough): MarianneArkins


You Are a Silk Scarf

You are sensitive and emotional. You are easily moved by the world around you.

You tend to be quiet and reflective. You prefer to stand back and observe rather than making a splash!

You are a good listener and a truly caring person. You have plenty of time to devote to your friends.

You try to tread lightly while making the world a better place. Doing good deeds brings meaning to your life.

I don't FEEL sensitive and emotional ... :::shrugs::: Maybe I hide it well -- even from myself. *G*