Monday, August 21, 2006

Monday Meanderings

Never be afraid to sit awhile and think. ~ Lorraine Hansberry, A Raisin in the Sun

Yesterday was a lazy-ish day (as lazy as they get for me... I don't sit still well). It was raining. Hubby was home (and not weirding out over doing "stuff" which was good). We managed to hang out in a small area together for an extended period of time and not kill each other. Hubby and I are pretty much loners, so long periods of time together seldom work out well (this is true to exposure to anyone, not just each other).

I was working on the Sunday crossword yesterday, and had a brain block on how to spell "Attila".

I asked hubby, "Is Attila a-t-t-i-l-a or is it a-t-i-l-l-a?"

He said, "What's an Attila?"

I said, "You know, the hun."

He said, "The who? What's a hun?"

I proceded to ask him if he had missed world history in school. C'mon... you guys know about Attila the hun, right? Sheesh...

Then we had the following discussion about physics, when we were together in the basement. The basement was a little stuffy, as basement's are wont to be. Hubby put a box fan in the window, blowing the stuffy air out. I said he should put it in the window, pulling the fresh, outside air in. Thus followed a day of, when he wasn't looking, flipping the fan around and pulling in the fresh air. When he noticed, he'd flip it back around to suck out the stale air. This continued until bed time.

So... all you scientist type folks out there: which way works better? Enquiring minds want to know.

I didn't get a lot of writing done, though have been working with a particular prompt with several of my characters. It's a focus on a particular body part (of your choice) and it's helped me focus on the details of several characters. I don't want to be obvious, so I wrote a scene that focused on Gracie's arthritic knuckles, Camilla's caring hands and Clint's gentle eyes. It was good.

I also wondered if I should eventually follow up with Womans World. They've had my story for five months now, and I'm wondering if they actually have my story or if it got lost in the mail. But I don't have a clue about the protocol in doing this. So I do nothing, and wait and wonder.

I spent the last week taking care of my SIL's kittens (they're actually about a year old now). It's put me off getting kittens again. If I ever get another cat (and this is debatable, because hubby doesn't like cats and barely tolerates the one he married into), it will be a nice, sedate adult cat from some shelter. My SIL's cats are completely psychotic and really destructive. I don't recall my kittens being that bad, and the last four cats I had began life in my house as babies.

Bored yet?

I went shopping for clothes for my daughter this weekend and have come to the conclusion that she is going to either run around naked or wrap herself in a sheet. Aside from the fact that the fashions are horrible (yes, please, let me dress my seven y.o. daughter like a street-walker or a smart ass, thanks for asking), I can't find anything that fits her.

My daughter is NOT a twig. She's actually probably a bit on the plump side (we're working on that... she is her mothers child) and has been cursed by my gene's into having no waist line to speak of, just a straight up and down figure. So anything around her waist needs to be elastic, because otherwise if it fits her waist, it's WAY too big for the rest of her body, and if it fits her legs and rear, it's WAY too tight in the waist (story of my life... why can't they make womens jeans like men's?? I have a thick waist and really long legs and it's hell to find anything that fits me... okay, moving on).

I did find ONE skirt/top outfit that fit and didn't show her butt when she bends over. Woo.

I'm hitting both grandma's up for some sewing this year.

Man, I could go on like this forever, but I'll stop.

Oh... except for this bouquet for Darcy. Hang in there, friend... I know the past few days have been tough.

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Ceri said...

School shopping?? Ugh... My 10 yr old is easy (too easy) to buy for. she's tall and pretty slim, but like you, the styles aren't particularly appropriate for her age. Still I could spend lots of money on her. My oldest, however, is another story. She just turned 16 and the clothes in junior dept are not going to go on her body! They're very adult. And she's very short, broad hips, not fat, but has a JLo hiney. Finding pants for her is a nightmare. And how do you hem up bell bottoms? My son is difficult too. He's husky. Finding pants that fit around his waist and in length is nearly impossible.

I hate shopping.

My hubby and I are the same. Thank goodness we work different shifts so we don't have to spend every evening together. Three a week is fine for both of us.

Can't tell ya about the fan thingie.

Got some writing done yesterday. After taking a week off I'm going to get back. I can't put it off any longer.


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darcy said...

Awww, thanks.


Colleen Gleason said...


Oh, you and your dh sound like me and mine! Especially about the fan!

We have the same argument with the fan in our bedroom.

Michigan passed a law last year that school can't start until after Labor Day, because we're such a tourism-dependent economy (betcha you never thought of MI as a tourist destination, didya?). So we've got two weeks before school's back on.


Tempest Knight said...

My goddaughter has the problem that the teen clothes is too small for her and the smaller women size clothes is too big. Ugh! We spent almost 9 hours shopping for a pair of sweatpants!