Wednesday, August 23, 2006


In the news...

(and, no, this isn't the topic I deferred from yesterday -- I've forgotten what that was, teaching me the timeless lesson of "If I didn't write it down, it never happened" gleaned from that Tom Clancy book where the bad guys try to mess up America by screwing with the stock market, and Ryan's wife, the doctor, says just that and saves the day. But I digress...)

Last night, my husband (who is not as used to keeping things away from DD's young ears as I am) came home from work and plopped down in front of the TV, turning on the news. Next thing you know, I hear:

"The man accused of killing the ten-year-old in order to rape her corpse and then eat her appeared in court today."

Yes. Well. Ahem. Please...SHUT THAT OFF UNTIL DD IS IN BED!

Okay, all better...

I read Readers Digest yesterday and came across the article on how to raise straight A students. They profiled a homeschooled family, a family with kids in private school, and one in public school -- all of whom are excelling. Their conclusion? Children who have the support of their families have a better chance of succeeding at school.

Mind blowing.

It's kind of like all the new "miracle diets" that show up on the front of the women's magazines. You open them up and, lo and behold, in a nutshell it says something like: If you watch what you eat, and exercise regularly, you'll lose weight.


If you haven't read the Haiku at Charity's Blog, you should. You'll laugh.

Speaking of Haiku's, check out this one at the SBTB site.

Even better, go to Paperback Writer's post for Haiku Day and make your own!

Here's one from me:

passed out on the floor
a new way of seeing things
what a lovely foot

Oddly, this is turning into another rambling post. Obviously my brain suffers from Nofocusluenza -- a virus that causes you to be unable to think in straight lines.


Writing went well yesterday. I wrote LONGHAND. *gasp* I was sick and tired of being in the mushroom patch, so I grabbed one of the eight thousand $0.10 spiral notepads I got from Staples at their back-to-school sale and headed up into the sunshine. It was wonderful. Of course, I wrote random scenes that won't fit into the story yet, but I wrote. This is more than I can say about the past few days.

DD starts school next week in earnest. She's done a little bit all summer, but I realized I'd eased off when we were playing Yahtzee! and I asked her what 6 + 4 was and she had to think hard to get the answer. Oh no. So that's why the first sixty lessons of the math curriculum are review...

I need to work on some more short stories and get a few submissions out there. I have some interesting ideas, I just need to flesh them out a bit more. Short stories are great to write when you just want to finish something, and your novel won't cooperate. I highly recommend it.

I'm off for another cup of coffee and chocolate soy milk. Have a great day!


Pamela Tyner said...

Funny entry.

I always roll at my eyes at those articles that tell us the obvious. "Get involed in your children’s education and they’ll do better in school", "Watch what you eat and exercise and you’ll lost weight", "Don’t break the laws and you won’t go to jail" Are there actually people who can’t figure out these things on their own? Geez.

Tori Lennox said...

Children who have the support of their families have a better chance of succeeding at school.

Well, duh! *rolling eyes*

I've forgotten who said it (if I ever knew), but the phrase "common sense isn't common" comes to mind.

Anonymous said...

Good morning. Having my second cup of coffee. Can you please email me?


Anonymous said...

P.S. Should add on:

Champagne Rose
The Wild Rose Press

anno said...

Coffee and chocolate soy milk sounds like it would help bring lots of things into focus. It also sounds downright delicious.

The news drives me crazy--I don't even like to turn on the radio most of the time. Even billboards--I'm remembering a time when my 6-year-old asked about an anti-abortion billboard--occasionally raise issues I'm not quite ready to discuss.

Good luck with your short stories and submissions, and thanks for the haiku links!