Saturday, August 12, 2006

The Old Becomes New

"If you can imagine it,
You can achieve it.
If you can dream it,
You can become it."
- William Arthur Ward

Last night, I was trying to work through Camilla and I realized that I HATED the ending. It didn't flow, it was cheesy, and my heroine didn't have to sacrifice anything. The world just sort of fell into her lap through no effort of her own.

And yet, I've not got a clue for another, more credible and satisfying, ending.

It got me to thinking about another first draft I've been sitting on, called "Playing House". I love the ending in this book, but hate the beginning. I've rewritten that beginning a hundred times and it still stinks. Ugh.

BUT maybe setting it aside for well over a year has helped, because I got an idea for a different, completely different, way to start this story. I think it fixes the credibility problem that existed previously, and changes very little in terms of the plot.

I like this story. And considering that it's complete and has a decent ending, I'm thinking about working through this one for that blasted contest coming up in October. If I apply myself (and Maass) to the book, and don't hit any huge bumps, it should be completed in plenty of time.


Regardless, I think it's a good story and deserves some time in the sun. This was the first novel I wrote in my recent writing years, and needed much help. It was my novel with training wheels. It was through writing this novel and the romance writing class that I met two people that I respect greatly (well, three, actually, but the third hasn't been very active writing-wise lately) and I will always be indebted to the novel for that reason, if for no other.

Gosh, that sounded a little like a speech at the Academy. Sorry. Got a bit maudlin for a moment.

In any case, I'm going to tinker with the new beginning I have in my brain and see if I like it. If it comes out well on paper, than I'm running with it!

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