Sunday, May 20, 2007

Rain, Rain, GO AWAY

There is little chance that meteorologists can solve the mysteries of weather until they gain an understanding of the mutual attraction of rain and weekends. ~ Arnot Sheppard

So... Anno wins, hands down, in the dentist stories from yesterday. I'm still shivering at her response.

It's still raining here. It's been raining here for nearly seven days. I spent yesterday building an ark and putting lotion on the new webbing between my toes.

DH and I are still looking at places out west in the hope we can relocate. His current employer has a place in Beaverton, OR so I checked it out. Take a look at this graph I found at regarding how many sunny vs. cloudy days there are in Beaverton:

You see that thin line of yellow at the top? Those are the sunny days during the year. I quickly advised DH that, despite my nearly desperate desire to relocate, Beaverton was out of the question.

I need sunshine almost more than my plants do and these lengthy spells of gray drizzle are enough to make me curl up in a ball and cry constantly. I hate them. I can't imagine living somewhere that offers this type of weather as a norm. It makes me cold to the bone.

Additionally, I far prefer the nearly uncomfortable heat we had oh-so briefly, the 90 degree weather that finally cleared the winter chill from my bones (though it's b-a-c-k) to cool weather.

Which leads me to my QOTD:

How do you feel about the weather? Do you prefer bright sunshine or is a little bit of gray okay with you? Do you prefer heat or cold (and, no, you can't say "I like it 70 degrees" because we'd all prefer perfection...)? Does the weather affect your mood and behavior?


On the writing front, I finally got a bit more done after having hellaciously bad days on Thursday and Friday (big goose eggs). DH and DD went away for a few hours and I hunkered down and got more than 1,000 words written on my mystery and a couple hundred on a short story I'm working on.

Wonder if today will be as productive?


Pamela S Thibodeaux said...

Hi Marianne!

First I'd like to Thank You! for hosting my book Tempered Dreams on its Virtual Book Tour yesterday and Thank You for the birthday wishes!

I prefer lots & lots of sunshine! I don't mind cool weather, but I don't like to be cold or wet...and definitely not cold and wet at the same time LOL.

Though many wouldn't call Winter in Louisiana - winter- I really, really wish I were somewhere warmer and drier during those few months.

We've been experiencing unseasonably cool weather this past week, cool nights, breezy days...been LOVELY.

Thanks again!

Amy said...

Truthfully, Beaverton looks like my slice of heaven. I don't know if I have the reverse of SAD, but I so prefer cloudy/rainy/snowy days to bright sunny days. I think it's because sunny days make me feel so obligated--"oh, it's nice out, I should be OUTSIDE." No problem like that with the other kind!

Tori Lennox said...

You, my dear, need to move to Arizona. :)

I like a nice mix of sunny and cloudy.

Melissa said...

I live very close to Beaverton, Marianne. Just across the river in WA state. It's not that bad. We had sunshine the past week until yesterday. It'll be back in a couple of days. Considering the weather back east in the winter, this is nothing. There is rain in the winter, but if you look elsewhere there isn't a lot of sun there either. And many cloudy days turn gorgeous blue sky.

Ceri said...

I don't mind clouds so much, as long as its not day after day after day etc... As for Beaverton, well if you're just going by clouds and sun I'm not so sure I'd like it. But then again, I'm just as happy living for the rest of my life here in New Hampshire. Even though I complain a lot in the winter.

Melody said...

Hi Marianne, although I love sunny weather, occasionally I don't mind having a cloudy or rainy weather because I find it quite comforting to be buried in a book at home with a cup of tea. ;)

groovyoldlady said...

I am solar powered. End of story.

MaryF said...

The weather has been getting me down this year, too. We've had a lot of rain and lots of cloudy days, which is REALLY unusual for Texas. I hope we have a lovely summer, with just enough rain to keep my flowers blooming.