Sunday, May 27, 2007

Pirates and Veggies and Autos, oh my!

Patience is something you admire in the driver behind you and scorn in the one ahead. ~ Mac McCleary

So... I saw the newest "Pirates" movie yesterday. First off -- my advice to anyone planning on seeing it: Watch Number Two right before you go. Seriously. I was utterly lost for the first thirty minutes.

Without giving away spoilers, I will say this: It was long, there were several plot strings that didn't get tied or just sat there and did nothing (Calypso being the biggest... build, build, build... splat) and, though technically a HEA, it wasn't my idea of a HEA.

And, of course, there was a very short scene after the credits, but the credits are LONG. Get up, go to the bathroom and come back. That's what I did, and I still had to wait through about five minutes of credits.

Was it a waste of time? Nah... Johnny Depp still got some great lines and Orlando Bloom is still a hottie (but would someone PLEASE feed Kiera Knightly?). Would I see it again? Probably not. Too bad.

When we got home (we went to the first showing at 9:00 a.m.), I finished my first round of edits for "Pregnancy Cravings" (YAY!) and then went outside and put in most of my veggie garden. We're limiting it to just the basics this year. After I go get more tomato cages today, our totals will be:

4 zucchini squash
7 burpless cucumbers
9 big boy tomatoes
25 tiny tom cherry tomatoes
misc. peas and beans (however many seeds we can stick along the back of DD's garden. She loves having peas).

So... I've been told I plant too many tomatoes. I don't think you can have too many tomatoes. In the summer, when they begin to ripen, I eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Tomatoes are quite possibly my very favorite veggie (though, technically, they're a fruit -- but if you wouldn't eat them on your cereal or cook them in a cobbler, I call 'em a veggie).

What vegetable can you eat constantly? If you could have an ever-producing plant of something, what would it be? Or, conversely, do you hate veggies? Which is your least favorite (mine's lima beans, if you're wondering)?

And, for a little fun: the Saturday Six on Sunday, because the Sunday Seven isn't up yet.

1. What color car do you drive?

Currently? Red, unfortunately. I hate red. But, when you buy used, you buy for how it runs (and that it's rust free out here in the salty NE), not what color it is. And my baby runs like a dream (even with 250,000 miles on it).

2. How many cars have you had in the past of this same color?

None, though DH had two red pickup trucks (again, not by choice).

3. What does this particular color mean to you?

It means I have to wax it constantly or it turns pink. It means I can find my vehicle in nearly any parking lot (though not as easily as my first car: a BRIGHT ORANGE Mercury Bobcat).

4. Take the quiz: What color car should you drive?

You Should Drive a Green Car

You're the type of driver who sees driving as a necessary evil. You much rather be biking or taking a pleasant walk to where you're going. And because of this, you tend to be a "green driver" - as best as you can. Whether this means driving a hybrid, supporting alternative fuels, or simply not littering out your window.

The first part of this is utterly wrong. I love to drive. Driving is an escape. When I'm upset, I'll drive somewhere and it calms me. Though, it is true that litter along the roadside drives me batty. But, I'm not getting a hybrid anytime soon.

5. Would you ever consider driving a car the color the quiz suggests?

Not bright green. My SIL has a gorgeous forest green vehicle and I could see driving that.

6. Do you consider yourself the most-aggressive driver on the road, the least-aggressive, or something in between?

I'm not terribly aggressive, though I do have my breaking point. I can recall driving up the highway from Santa Cruz to Sacramento -- it's this narrow, curvy road and always just packed with vehicles bumper to bumper. Once, as I and everyone else sat patiently edging along I look in my rearview mirror to see this guy zooming up the shoulder. There's no exit coming up, he's just in a hurry. Apparently the guy a couple cars in front also sees this and edges out onto the shoulder and blocked the way. The guy in front of my stays right on the tail of that guy, but still in the lane, so I did my part and edged out so that the guy was boxed in.

In retrospect, I suppose I should be glad the guy didn't have a gun. I imagine he was well and truly pissed.

OTOH, I will let practically anyone in if they're courteous and I nearly always drive the speed limit (which makes some people crazy -- but I have this conscience in my back seat saying, "What's the speed limit, mommy? How fast are you going?")

Have a great day!


Allie Boniface said...

They have 9:00 am movie showings where you live? I'm jealous.

Oh, and I love red cars. My last one was red, and I thought I'd be practical and buy a silver one this time around.


Melissa said...

I love tomatoes. You can do so much with them do. Plus you can always make homemade pasta sauce and freeze it for the winter.

A really easy and tasty summer dish is to cook some penne pasta (whole wheat if you want to be really healthy). Slice up fresh tomatoes and basil. Add some olive oil and toss, then mozzarella. Top with freshly grated parmesan. Even the kids love it. I make it, stick in the fridge and use it for lunches.

Tori Lennox said...

I love home grown tomatoes. They just taste better.

On the car color quiz, I got:

"You Should Drive a Pink Car
You're the type of driver who really loves your car.
You can make a car last for ages - or take good care of a vintage ride.
You're independent, creative, and very expressive.
You consider your car a part of you ... and you want to make it as funky as possible."

Uh, I've NEVER wanted to make a car funky. And I can't really imagine driving a pink one. Unless it's a vintage pink Caddie, of course. *g* Then I'll go cruisin' with Aretha Franklin.

Marianne Arkins said...


I had to travel a bit to get a 9:00 a.m. start for the movie, but it's worth it. By noon -- when most of the others started, my day was nearly over!


Yum -- that recipe sounds right up my alley!


LOL on the quiz. I think this one was WAY off for everyone!

anno said...

I love homegrown tomatos, which is a good thing, because we have a dozen romas and a dozen brandywine plants that survived the frost. Also potatos, which I eat at least once a day. And onions and kale.

I, too, should drive a green car -- but I resent every minute I have to spend in one, and I'd especially resent spending time in the bright green one they showed in the quiz. Deep forest green, maybe. Around here, we have Big Red and Little Blue.

Melody said...

I love tomatoes. Another vege I can eat constantly is cucumber.

As for my least favourites, brussels sprouts top the list.

groovyoldlady said...

Storebought tomatoes and cukes are just barely passable, but homegrown are to die for!