Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Only the Crazy...

“What garlic is to food, insanity is to art.” - Augustus Saint-Gaudens

Today begins my latest challenge: MayNoWriMo -- 30,000 words in thirty days, with a group of great ladies from The Wild Rose Press. I'm going to be using my mystery - a novel I'd sidelined when I got derailed by all the DNA and CSI-type stuff. Yesterday, when I made the final decision to use this story (mostly because the only other novel length idea I have is in the incubation stage and will probably be my NaNoWriMo work this year), I worried that I wouldn't know where to go. I already have 24,000 words on it and hated not completing the thing. 30,000 new words will put me right on track.

I had decided to make the solution a little less dependent on DNA because DNA tests can take weeks, months and even years to be returned. I needed it done in about two weeks. I have to admit to being annoyed last night at NCIS when they got DNA on a body before the autopsy was even completed. Don't you hate when reality intrudes?

But... as I dozed off to sleep I had a great idea of how to solve the crime (partly) without DNA evidence! It requires a scene to be added near the beginning and a small change but it'll work. I started this thing about a year ago -- why couldn't I think of this then? At least I have something to work on today, and I'm excited about it to boot.

I figure once I finish this project (on June 2nd), then I'll work on revising my novella... after letting it simmer awhile. Then I'll finish editing the novel I've been working through already -- though I'm planning on continuing that editing while I work on my mystery this month.

Ah... craziness abounds.

Hey, so far Judy and Alice have volunteered to be Randomized. Anyone else?

Have you entered my contest to win a book? What's stopping you? The drawing is tomorrow -- so hurry!

Now, I need to get cracking. I'll track the progress on my sidebar if you're interested.


Melissa said...

Good luck with your first day of Nano! You can do it!

As for the reality intruding, it just depends for me. Some things I can suspend disbelief totally and others i just end up rolling my eyes and shaking my head. But i know it really bugs some people. That's why research is so important! Those little nasty grams about getting something wrong in a book sting!

anno said...

Good luck with your May Nano -- I'm looking forward to watching your progress!

Details, schmetails... having a good story is what matters. Of course, what makes a good story might vary from person to person.

Ceri said...

A writing challenge for May? oof, I don't know if I'd have the strength. It would mean putting my novella aside. I don't think I could get another 30k from it otherwise I'd use it.

Hmmmm.... its a thought though.

ttmmrb-tom taylor married maeve rose browne.

Tori Lennox said...

I usually can overlook stuff like the superfast DNA results, or the nuclear disaster stuff on JERICHO. I don't watch those for accurate information. :) Inaccurate medical stuff solely for the storyline, however, bugs the crap out of me. I never said I was consistent. *g*

Shauna said...

Sounds like you have a busy month ahead. Best of luck to you!