Tuesday, May 22, 2007

In the Garden

Gardening is a kind of disease. It infects you, you cannot escape it. When you go visiting, your eyes rove about the garden; you interrupt the serious cocktail drinking because of an irresistible impulse to get up and pull a weed. ~ Lewis Gannit

It was, indeed, sunny yesterday. Windy as all get out, but at least it was nice to look at. I took a turn around the yard to look at my flowers - it's been more than a week since I've really been able to look at the yard. Lots happened.

The forget-me-nots bloomed:

The pink and white striped flox is mutating:

My favorite tulip has bloomed and almost gone by (why can't it have a dozen babies??):

The chives in my front garden are in bloom (I have these specifically for their flowers, and another HUGE bunch in my herb garden for eating):

I have a TON of flox around my house -- but my favorite is the pink:

And, my favorite part of the yard :

Is it any wonder I write for "The Wild Rose Press" -- whose tag line is "In the Garden with..."?

What about you?

Do you like gardening? Or maybe just enjoying other peoples work? Do you like being outside or do you prefer indoors? Do flowers make your heart smile, or does something else really do that for you?


I got my first round of edits for my most recently accepted story at The Wild Rose Press, called "Pregnancy Cravings". I'm working with a new editor (again!) and she has challenged me quite a bit. For the most part, I happily agree with her points, but have found one or two that I'm planning on negotiating.

I need to get to work on more short stories. I only have two out in submission land (only one with TWRP) right now. Yikes!

Have a great day... sunshine here again! Woo!


Ceri said...

Gorgeous flowers! I adore flower gardens, but since I live in an apartment I don't have much of a chance to do any kind of landscaping. We've tried, but it just doesn't work. I need my sister, who's a professional (ex-pro) to come and help me.

Have fun with the edits. I'm trying to finish my novella which is racing toward 30k now. Unfortunately work keeps getting in the way!

abfqapm-after becoming flirtatious, Quincy almost passed Mary

Alice Teh said...

Hi Marianne, the flowers are BEAUTIFUL! You have lotsa pretty petals there.

All the best in your short stories! :)

anno said...

Gorgeous! What a treat!

My husband complains that I was bred for concrete and air conditioning: any kind of yardwork makes me sneeze or break out in an itchy rash. I love flowers, though.

Enjoy your second consecutive day of sunshine!

groovyoldlady said...

I love gardening. I DESPISE blackflies and Japanese Beetles.

Charity said...

I'm like anno, despite my mom being an ultimate gardener. She brought some low-maintenance roses for us to plant this past weekend. And, get this, cocoa bean mulch. It smells like chocolate. Who knew?

I love the forget-me-nots. One of my absolute favorite flowers.

Diane said...

I just finished planting all the flower beds. I love your flowers, especially the pink ones. My hubby takes care of the vegetable garden. I'm hoping for lots of tomatoes this summer so I can can some. I like my own tomatoes for chili in the winter.

Enjoy working with your new editor and good luck on the negotiating.

Gay said...

Lucky you!

I do not garden. I am the one with the brown thumb. When I was still in medical practice, my office staff used to confiscate any plants I was given so that I wouldn't scare away my patients, and my cleaning lady takes clear of the house plants. "No, Señora Walker. I do it. We want them to live, sí?"

She's been saving their lives for 20 years now. Heaven help them if she ever leaves me (or if I get something that needs care more than once a week).

Suzanne said...

I love gardening and I love that tulip!!! That is gorgeous!!!!

Tori Lennox said...

Your flowers/plants are gorgeous! I'm not much of a gardener myself. Not quite a black thumb, but... sorta kinda light brown. *g*

Melissa said...

Lovely pics. I like gardening once I'm out there doing it. Getting to that point is what I have problems with.

MaryF said...

Great pictures! I love that quote - so true!

Melody said...

Wow, such beautiful flowers! I'm not into gardening, since I don't have green fingers. LOL.