Thursday, May 03, 2007

Book It Publicly

Finally time to Book It!


Booking Through Thursday

No, not THAT kind of R.I.P.

Reading. In. Public.

Do you do it? Why or why not?

Of course! Why wouldn't I? Why sit and stare at the walls while you're waiting for the doctor, or for your car to be repaired? There is NO bad time to read (except maybe when driving -- like that lady I saw the other day holding a book up in front her face while she zoomed down the road. I'm just glad she was in front of me -- well in front of me -- so I had a little control over the situation).


Literary Feline said...

I admit to reading at a red light if I'm at a very good place in my book, but never while driving! That would be very dangerous.

I agree with you about not wanting to stare at walls, and you can only read so many signs and posters while waiting for your car to be fixed or at the doctor's office. Reading just seems like a natural thing to do and a great way to pass the time.

Julia said...

I have never read while driving...I know I'm just accident waiting to happen if I do it LOL.

You lucky the lady was in front of you. If she was behind that might be different matter all together LOL!

Melody said...

Hi Marianne! RIP comes naturally for us booklovers, isn't it?!

And wow, that lady drove recklessly!!! Although I can understand she enjoys reading, but one must be careful and considerate while driving. Oh well...

Happy BTT and Happy reading!

Alice Teh said...

Read AND drive? I've never seen anyone doing that in my life, well not yet... Hmm... interesting. LOL. (I've seen in the movies how a lady can put on eye makeup AND drive. Haha!)

Yeah, RIP is so natural to most of us booklovers. We eat and breathe books, in public or in private. =) Have a good weekend and happy reading!

PS: Will be visiting a book warehouse sales on Saturday, and I have a funny feeling that I'll be breaking my May Challenge... :(