Saturday, May 26, 2007

All About the Brand?

“The quickest way to know a woman is to go shopping with her.” - Marcelene Cox

Hey folks -- for those of us left here at home during this lovely weekend, I have a contest to share: Judy is giving away your choice of a book from (up to a $20 value), just for helping her with a problem in her latest WIP. Go here for the scoop. Contest ends Monday night, so hurry on over!

Since I imagine so many folks are away, I thought I'd play a little.

The Saturday Special

~Your Brand is Showing!~

1. Food: Do you buy brand names or go for the cheaper store name brand?:

This one really depends. I *mostly* buy organic or all natural, whole grain, no additives stuff, so it's next to impossible to buy generic and include that. However, the stores are starting to come out with store brand generics (Yahoo!!!!), so I'll buy those if they're less expensive. I definitely shop with price as a consideration and will buy whatever is less expensive that fits inside the health guidelines I set up for my family.

2. Clothes: Wear designer jeans/slacks with a brand name or regular department store jeans/slacks?:

Once again, that depends. DH only wears Wrangler jeans. So, yeah, name brand for him. Me? I don't care what the label reads. All I care about is that they're a classic jean and long enough. I HATE HIP-HUGGING (STUPID) FLARES. I lived through the 70s once (does anyone remember Ditto pants?) and have no desire to do so again. I also have really long legs, so need a really long inseam which is hard to find. DD doesn't really wear jeans and has to have pants with an elastic waist because she is stricken with the same disease I have: no waistline (or is it "no hips"?). If the pants fit my/her butt and thighs, they're too tight in the waist and if they fit my/her waist, they're ridiculously baggy everywhere else.

3. Handbags: Buy a designer bag or look for a less expensive copy?:

I use a cheap WalMart fanny pack. I hate regular purses. Period.

4. Shoes: You got the drift, designer or a cheaper copy?:

I used to worry about wearing good shoes because I was on my feet all day. For awhile, I was a cocktail waitress at a place called The Peppermill (anyone out west recognize that place?) and we were required to wear two inch black heeled pumps (I won't even talk about the "uniforms" - the place started in Las Vegas if that gives you any idea). UGH. So, yeah, I spent a lot on those shoes. Now? Who cares? I don't have the slightest shoe fetish. I don't get that whole Manolo thing -- I looked at their website once and UGH. I wouldn't pay ten cents for most of those shoes.

Did I just loose my standing in the "woman" community?

So, what about you guys? Does brand matter to you? I'd love to see your answers to those same questions...


Yesterday was, as Ceri said, about 2000 degrees here. We went straight from winter to spring via an entire week of rain. Despite the heat and humidity (and I'm not going to talk about what it's done to my coarse, thick, naturally curly hair except to say that my DD asked me why my hair was a big fuzzball), it's been doing wonders for my gardens. I have my tomato plants all ready to put in, but it's been TOO HOT. Ironic, isn't it? I'd put them in at night and let them get settled in the cool night air but there are battalions of mosquitoes doing kamikaze runs as soon as the sun even hints that it's going down.

I'm going to see Pirates today. Despite the bad reviews its received, I'm still really excited!

Have a great day :-)


Toni said...

Hi Marianne,

Enjoyed my visit here and loved your answers to the Saturday Special. I totally agree on the Manuolo shoes. Thanks for playing. :) Have a great weekend.

Melissa said...

Have fun at the movies! I don't pay much mind to reviews. I can't imagine that movie not being a fun escape for a couple of hours.

I buy what I like. Sometimes that means brands, sometimes not. I would kill myself in those high shoes like Jimmy Choos, but I'll admit to wishing I had the money to spend on a couple pairs of Stuart Weitzman (sp?) shoes. Those baby's are comfy!

Ceri said...

I hate spending lots of money on clothes, so I'm for whatever fits and doesn't look horrible on me. I'm definitely not into brand names unless necessary. I broke down and bought a pair of Eastland shoes which I adore. Well worth the money.

Pirates got bad reviews??? Thats too bad, it looks good. We're waiting a few weeks before we go-we're heading to Chunky's in Nashua to see it.

gay said...

I'll buy Newman's Own whenever possible--I like the premise. I'm not into organic. Sometimes I buy store brand, sometimes not. I've learned who has the quality by trial and error.

We have the opposite problem in figures. I have a tiny waist and a big butt. The hip hugger style is a boon for me: pants that fit again. Otherwise, if they fit at the hips, they gapped something fierce at the waist. Most of my jeans are Old Navy. Most of my good pants come from Macy's and Victoria's Secret. (And not a top designer label at Macy's).

I have one really good leather handbag from Derek & Alexander that I use EVERYDAY. It was expensive, but I will carry it until it absolutely falls apart (experience says that will be 5 years or more). If I go out to something really fancy, then I'll transfer to a small evening clutch, but otherwise it's ONLY that handbag. I can't be bothered with changing purses.

I live in Dansko shoes. Period.

anno said...

I think I could watch Johnny Depp in ANY thing. Hope you have a great time at POFTC.

I'm semi-obsessive about buying some organic produce (especially root vegetables, or at least non-GMO corn/soy or non-BGH milk), but, if the non-organic broccoli or non-organic bananas look better than their organic counterparts, then I buy what looks good. And, if I'm shopping at the village and can't find organic milk or cream, I buy the whatever is available instead of driving an addition 50 miles to Whole Foods. Honestly, I'm not much for principle when driving is concerned.

Clothing: I buy what fits and what I like, and I wear it until it is literally falling apart and even my husband is embarrassed to be seen with me. (My DD's embarrassment doesn't count, because everything I do embarrasses her these days, I refuse to let it hinder me. My DH, however, has such low standards that when I reach them, I need to worry.)

Handbags? What are pockets for, anyway?

Shoes MUST be comfortable, and I'll pay anything to get them that way. Lots of Naot, Beautifeel, Wolki's, etc. around here. They last forever. The last time I bought shoes was about five years ago. Probably time for some new ones.

Hey, if I didn't say it already (I'm on vacation, and too lazy to scroll up), enjoy that movie tonight!

Toni said...

Loved your answers! This is my first week playing along also! Being An Air Force Wife

Marianne Arkins said...

Okay... You guys made me think I need to invest in some good shoes... Anno, I'm looking up those brands! Incidentally, I loved your answers!