Monday, March 20, 2006

This and That

Getting nothing done, writing-wise. I need to start setting my alarm again -- I've been sleeping in until about 5 a.m. and DD is waking up by around 5:30, so it's cutting into my writing time a little. My cat alarm clock is lazier than I. She snoozes at the foot of the bed until I kick her off when I wake up. How worthless is that?

In any case, I was inspired by C to work through my "Writing the Breakout Novel" workbook. I got it for my birthday from a good, non-writing, friend and have yet to crack it open! I'm going to use it with Camilla for now -- I'm only a few chapters into revisions, so it shouldn't be too painful to make changes (though I'm quite happy with the changes I've made thus far).

This was a crazy weekend. And co-o-o-o-o-o-l-l-l-d. It's a sad thing when it was warmer in January than it is in March. It's bitter here, and I am so frustrated to not be able to get outside. I'm ready. I've turned into a big blob over the winter and have a good 15 hibernation pounds to work off. I've tried working out with Gilead on FitTV, but it just isn't the same. I prefer to get my exercise the natural way - working in the garden, playing with the dog, riding bikes with my daughter. *sigh*

Times like these, I really, really miss California.

Okay, enough blogging. Time to go chat with Donald Maass.

As an aside, I ran the Blogger spell check on this, and am confused. It thinks a.m. should be ahoy, and snoozes should be sneezes, but it can spell "Gilead"? What's up with that??

I'm really leaving now.... have a great day!


Charity said...

It would be fun to somehow keep tabs on each other and talk about the workbook exercises. I think D. is planning to take a look too.

Ceri said...

I'm in the depths of edit heck too. With two different manuscripts. I'll have to toss a third into the mix when I get hooked up with an editor over a Whiskey Creek Press. I'm going to have to quit my day job, or just not sleep in order to get all this done.

And the cold? I'm sick of it too. We were definitely spoiled by the nice warm winter.

Workbook? what workbook..... sounds interesting.

Marianne Arkins said...

Hey Charity and Eden,

I posted my responses on your blog.

Good "talking" to you!