Thursday, March 23, 2006

Rats and Chickens and Dogs ... oh my!

There is no excellent beauty that hath not some strangeness in the proportion - Sir Francis Bacon

My heroine has a rat as a pet in my current WIP. That's not news for most of you, but it has been on my mind a lot lately for a couple of reasons.

1. I'm trying to talk my husband into letting DD have a pet. I would prefer getting her a rat (they are absolutely fabulous pets: smart, clean, and they bond to you like crazy), but I know he'll say "no" to that one... so I'm going to go for a guinea pig.

2. I think my heroine's pet rat may be off-putting, both to agents and editors and possibly to potential readers. In the last two contests I'd entered this work in, I've gotten about one third of the judges who just say "YUCK" and mark me down for it.

CC is sitting at another contest currently, and it's Maynard's last chance. If he disgusts the judges, he's going to have to be changed to something cuter. I've been told not to compromise, but it's a small thing IMHO and, though I love him, when I'm the next Nora (*laughs hysterically*) I can have pet rats if I want to.

In Liv Leigh, I made the rodent-type pet more attractive (a ferret) and the dog uglier (a Mastiff)... but because the dog IS a dog, he'll go over okay, ugly or not. Doesn't seem fair, does it?

In American Idol news...

Chicken Little is gone.

I'm a little sad, and DD will be destroyed. She adored Kevin. I've tried to prepare her for his leaving over the past couple of weeks, but she's sure he'll stay.

I'm of two minds about this. I liked Kevin. He was sweet and cute and had a good voice. Was he American Idol material? No, of course not. But I think Bucky was far worse this week. I also think that Bucky will be next to go. Again, he's nice and cute and sweet, but is he American Idol material? No.

My problem is with Chris. I like Chris. But I think he's one-dimensional. Simon calls him "uncompromising". I disagree. I don't think he has the talent to pull off anything but an alternative rock sounding song (and OH are people gonna be mad at me now!). I'd like to see him reach a little. He sounds the same EVERY week. And I'm bored with him.

Who has the best voice? Female: Mandisa (with Katherine a close second). Male: Elliot (with Taylor second).

Will they win? Probably not. I think Chris has a cult following... but there are several weeks to go and lots of things can change. I will tell you this... I have Carrie's CD and Bo's will be added to my collection shortly. I'd never buy anything from Chris.

Okay, let the hate mail begin.


Ceri said...

A rat, huh? I never would've thought about that, but why not? My heroine's have been dog people. I have one who doesn't have any animals, but the hero has a dog. Maybe she needs a cat.

I agree with some of your AI thoughts. While I like Bucky better, Kevin was better this week, but overall I'd rather see him be the one to go. As for Chris, I like him better than Elliott, stylewise, but Taylor reminds me more of the music I listened to way back when, Doobie Brothers etc. But I'd love to see Chris get out of his comfort zone. I don't recall Bo getting much out of his comfort zone last season.

Nashville Star is harder.... they're very talented, but I still haven't gotten over the fact that George Canyon didn't win in the second season. (don't know if you watch NS)

Have a great day!

Marianne Arkins said...

George Canyon should have won last seasons NS... I have his CD. It's great! I'm not watching this year because I stand Wynonna or Cowboy Whats-his-face... UGH.

Bo did a couple things differently last year -- think about when they did country, or when he sang a capella. Week to week, he didn't sound the same. Chris does, IMHO.

Oh well. I can't stay up until 10 to vote, so I won't have my say until it's a one hour show again.