Friday, March 24, 2006


This morning, I was working on my climax scene... and I realized that I have this thing that needs to happen, and in order for the reader to understand what happened, the only POV I can use is... well... the rat's. See, if I used Jed's POV, then he would fix what happens, and if I used Camilla's then she wouldn't be upset over what happens and that would ruin everything.

Do you suppose it's asking too much for the reader to read a scene from a rat's POV? Or should I just not explain what happened and hope for the best?

I have to finish this blasted book, and THE BIG MISUNDERSTANDING hinges on this scene.

Gads, back to the drawing board. Maybe I can figure something out so Maynard doesn't have to tell his side of the story.

I think this next quote about sums up writing, don't you?

A job is what we do for money; work is what we do for love. - Marysarah Quinn


Judy said...

hi... just a thought. I'm not sure what the misunderstanding is about, but could it be explained by having either of the MCs relate something to a third party that would let the reader know what was going on? Does that make any sense at all? Not show the scene at all, but refer to it in some way.

I think using Maynard's POV would probably be stretching things just a LITTLE bit .. lol

Ceri said...

Write the scene from Maynards POV anyway, just for yuks. But I agree, it is a bit odd. It's been done before, though (with other animals).

Meankitty Says... said...

This refers back to your post about jeans that aren't lowcut flares, but I'm putting it here so you'll see it -- if you aren't squeamish, I recommend Goodwill! Then you can get the ACTUAL jeans we wore 15 years ago :)

And I like the idea of a pet rat. Surely it wouldn't cause an insta-reject anywhere but the contest circuit?

Jody W.

Ceri said...

Hey, I splurged on myself and bought the workbook. Yahoo group? I'm interested. :)