Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Editing...Oh the Horror!

A month or so ago, I sent off the first 25 pages of Camilla to a RWA contest. I was quite satisfied with the entry, had run it by my crit group, looked it over, took and deep breath and popped it in the mail.

Now, I'm going through Camilla with a fine toothed ... ah... pen and am horrified at what I sent out. How could I have missed these things??

I used "rustic" twice in two paragraphs to describe the same place.

I used "trip to the..." twice in two paragraphs.

I used -- and this one is the kicker because it's not your normal, average, every day kinda phrase -- "the gray lump on his shoulder" twice in paragraphs that have only one short line of dialogue to separate them.

I have edited and re-edited this part of Camilla, and still I'm coming across stupid mistakes. When is good enough ever good enough? Will there ever come a time where I'll think, "Finally. Done. Perfect. Amazing." and set aside the red pen?

The good news is, though, that at least I'm working. And last night I had what I think is a good idea for a short romance for WW and I spent some time this morning brainstorming it a little. I'd like to get it written and sent out this month so that I have at least one short submitted for March (my goal is two a month, but I'll take what I can get).

And that's the news from this side of the world, aside from the fact that I think the ten inches of snow that Charity talked about yesterday in Minnesota has hit New Hampshire as rain. It is POURING here. And thundering.

About ten last night, I was sound asleep when a flicker of light woke me up -- my first thought was that it was some sort of emergency vehicle. I lay there for a moment and heard what sounded like an airplane going over and then BOOM! Thunder that absolutely shook the house. At first I thought the plane I'd heard had crashed or blown up -- yes, I was half asleep and I am a writer, so I must think of all the drama possible in any given situation -- but when lightening flashed again, I realized what it was. I'm just glad it was a few miles away, because it was loud enough at our house. I can't imagine what it was like for the folks who live where the storm sat.


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MaryF said...

Hey, don't fret it. I was reading a book published by a major house where the heroine couldn't stop blinking or....now I can't remember what the other thing was, but it was like every page.

I am intrigued about this gray lump on his shoulder. Should he be seeing a doctor??? ;)