Monday, March 06, 2006

Monday Musings

My daughter has a loose tooth. She's almost seven, and all of her friends teeth have been dropping like flies, making her crazy. Now, though, my little drama queen walks around the house moaning, "I can't chew that, my tooth is loose." or "I can't brush that tooth, it's loose." or "Don't touch my jaw, that tooth is loose." and making predictions as to when it will fall out. Hubby, of course, has offered to use pliers to speed the loss of said tooth, horrifying DD.

My niece has returned to college. She called last night to let us know she got in safely -- though her fish had died. Apparently the vacation lump o'food left in the tank didn't dissolve properly. Poor fish. She's a really good girl (my niece, not the fish) whose parents don't appreciate her. I hope my daughter turns out so well. In any case, we have become her surrogate parents at this point since her family has all but written her off. She really can't even go and visit. It's a very sad situation, but has given me ideas for a character (when God gives you lemons, make a new angst-filled character).

My stressed-out, perpetually grouchy husband had a wonderful weekend at the Snowdeo and came back refreshed and nice to be around for a change. He hates his job and his l-o-n-g commute, and it has made life a little rough this past year. I told him to find another job, but this one sounds good and looks good on paper. It's with a very large, well known company and he's reluctant to leave. *sigh* Still, he's shown a lot of character over the situation with our niece, and made me proud, so I supppose I can put up with his moods a little longer... lol...

Best of all, the weather is warming up again! YAY! They're predicting 63 degrees next Saturday. SIXTY-THREE! Woo Hoo! Of course, it's too early to stay like that, but I'll take what I can get. It sure does give me the itch to garden, though.

And lastly, I have absolutely zippo desire to write lately. I sit down. I look at the screen. I play Free Cell or Spider Solitaire. I pull up my document and read a bit. Play some more. Think of writing a short story, just to write something. Get a few hundred words down. Go blog-hopping. Stare some more.

What do you do when you lose the urge to write?

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