Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Judy reminded me of the Babel Fish game I did a few weeks back and since I had nothing more interesting to write, I thought I'd play around with a goofy blurb about Camilla.

We start in English:

Camilla's Critters is a romantic comedy full of fun, animals, sexy men and neurotic family who sit around and watch two people who shouldn't be together fall in love.

Then translate to Japanese. Usually you need to translate to another language and back to English, but I just discovered that Babel Fish only translates Japanese back to English. And, to be honest, that worked well enough!

Here it is - from English to Japanese and back again:

It sits down, sufficiently, the creature of Camilla where shouldn't together of falling love looks at two people to enjoy, the animal, romantic comedy of the sexy person and the neurosis family.

I've just created a whole new genre! I am writing an animal romantic comedy (and "of the sexy person and the neurosis family" really describes CC to a tee).

Betcha can't wait to read it now!

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Ceri said...

LOL I just did this. How funny!

Yes, I have too much time on my hands.