Sunday, March 05, 2006

Please Make the Voices Stop...

My niece left this morning at 3 a.m. to head back to college, so things may get back to normal (I hope, but have no guarantee!). And, finally, I can start writing again.

My plan is to finish Camilla, but I have all these other characters in my head, demanding to earn their place on the page. Three other novel ideas are running a marathon in there and don't want to let me be. Two of them I've already jotted down the basic idea, the main characters and written a first chapter, just so I don't forget (as if they'd let me), and the third will join them shortly.

Then what?

The problem isn't "getting" ideas, the problem is what to do with all the ideas I have. How do you make them leave you alone and stand quietly in line until it's their turn?

What about you? How do you turn off the voices in your head?

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darcy said...

Try this, say: "Hey,Voices, Darcy might want to read one of my novels ALL THE WAY THROUGH one of these days, so I should really consider settling my butt back in the chair and finishing one -- so shaddup already, huh?"

It could work. Really.