Wednesday, March 08, 2006


I am committed (or maybe I should be...) to finishing Camilla. I like her. I like her story... so what if I'm a measly 20,000 words short. Words, schmerds.

Darcy slapped me upside the head this morning (and my ears are still ringing) with her comment on my blog entry that talked about what I should say to all the voices in my head tempting me to stray from my current WIP and start something new. She said:

Try this, say: "Hey,Voices, Darcy might want to read one of my novels ALL THE WAY THROUGH one of these days, so I should really consider settling my butt back in the chair and finishing one -- so shaddup already, huh?" It could work. Really.

Incidentally, it's not that I haven't finished a novel -- I have two finished really, really crappy first drafts: Liv and Playing House. Both have some huge plot flaws that need working out, and I'm just not prepared to deal with them at this point.

Camilla doesn't really have any flaws in the plot, though the execution could be better. She needs a bit of polish and a little more excitement in her life, but I can handle that.

So, Darcy, this ones for you. I will get Camilla's halfway decent first and a half draft done and in your arms by summer. I'm hoping to have the first half done by the end of April. Work for you?

Thanks for the laugh this morning. Gotta love a happy email inbox ;-)

How's this for a cutie to sweeten up your day?

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Charity said...

Well you know, it worked for me. Darcy wanted to read False Impressions all the way through. That Darcy. Great motivator. Too bad she can't bottle it--she could live like a queen selling it to writers. ;-)

darcy said...


And, That Darcy, she can sure talk the talk -- but can she walk the walk? We'll see ;^)