Friday, March 17, 2006

Of Torn Jeans and Prom Dresses

Today at the library, I squatted down to put the books in the return slot and heard that ominous noise that no one ever likes to hear: the sound of pants ripping. Ugh. I grabbed my inner thigh (which was an interesting thing to do in public), felt the hole and wanted to cry. My only other pants were wet and hanging in basement.

I made the command decision to go to JC Penney and look for a new pair of jeans. I HATE most of the jeans out there. Remember back about fifteen years ago, when jeans actually went up to your waist and had normal sized legs? Not flares, not pegged, not boot cut... just a regular looking jean.

Do you know how hard it is to find these?? I was unable to find even one pair today and can only hope that my damp jeans will be dry by tomorrow -- despite being in the basement and the outdoor temp reaching a high of about 37. Woo. Hoo. Heat wave.

Anyway, as I made my way to the jeans section in JCP, I crossed through the formal dresses. My DD was mesmerized -- she is such a girly girl and wears dresses 90% of the time, but especially loves fancy "princess" type dresses (darn Cinderella). She ooohed and aahhed for several minutes before she could be dragged away. We walked back through them on the way out (bad planning on my part) and she decided that she wanted one.

"Where would you wear it?" I asked.

She responded without hesitation. "To the ball."

Of course. The ball. Why did I even ask?

Now if I could ever succeed in my Quest for Normal Jeans. I mean, do women not realize how HUGE your hips look in flares? Look in the mirror people. It's your fault that I can't find regular jeans. Just. Stop. It.

Stop falling prey to designers and their size three models.


I'm begging you.


Charity said...

This is too funny. Uh, not the jeans part, but the dresses and ball attendance. I need to take Kyra to the mall for some dress "shopping."

What is it about balls? We play this game where I'm the "pretend prince" (cuz I'm a girl and can't be a real prince) and we dance at the ball. Then Kyra must leave and I implore her not to, then I find her glass slipper.

Yep. Blame Cinderella.

MaryF said...

Marianne, I feel your pain. I found ONE brand of jeans I love and I keep buying them on eBay. I bought a pair Friday, split my other pair of pants Sunday. No fair, I tell you.

And now all the jeans have studs all over. Why? WHY????

darcy said...

In about ten years you get to graduate from pretend dress shopping to the real thing. Tip: Save your pennies ;^)

Here's Sara's dress for this years prom:
And, I'm not sure you'll believer this but, it actually looks better on my daughter than it does on the model.
She might not be quite as girly as your daughter though. She plans to spray paint a pair of these: to match ;^)


Marianne Arkins said...


WOW! What a fancy prom dress. Let me know when you have pix of them on your daughter. I'd love to see the dress... with the shoes.