Thursday, March 09, 2006

Keeping It Real... Dawg...

Yes, I watched American Idol last night. I can't help it -- I love that show. The truth of the matter is this, though: I don't like a put on. Some of the guys are so contrived and I want to reach out and smack 'em.

First and foremost -- Gedeon:

I don't know if it's nerves or what, but even in his little schpiel last night, he sounded fake. Really, really annoyed me. He needs to go.

I'm shocked that I'm saying this, because I liked him A LOT at first, but I'm beginning to really dislike... Ace.

He's beautiful to look at, but his voice? Not so much. And he's picking weird songs that make me want to fast forward the TiVo. That's too bad.

The Real Deal? I have a few. I don't think they're the best singers, and I don't even think they'll come close to winning, but I love to watch them. They are who they are, and make no apology for it.

Kevin (my daughter LOVES Kevin, an odd change over loving Bo Bice last year):

Taylor. He is so weird, but I love him. He is who he is, and he has a great voice. He's spot on with his song choices, and if he released "Levon", I'd buy it in a heartbeat.

And lastly, Elliot. I can't look at the TV when he's singing - between his crooked teeth, and ears that stick out, it's painful. But I think he has, by far, the absolute best voice of any of the guys. Last weeks "Moody's Mood For Love" was the best I've ever heard. I want it to listen to over and over. Last night, not so much. I think Simon was right and it was a copout. Still, he's amazing.

And with all that said, I have to say... I think one of the girls is going to win. Again. Was Kelli the cutest thing ever on Tuesday (even if Simon was a little out of line with his comments)? "I'm a Mink!"

Okay, enough AI. I need to write.


jason evans said...

American Idol is the bane of writers! Too much time in front of the tube (or nowadays, the LCD screen or whatever). I agree with your take on the contestants here. I thought Elliot was horrid last night. Taylor, great. Ace needs to stick with dreamy, melodic songs.

MaryF said...

I LOVE Gedeon!!! I liked Bucky, too, and Taylor. Thought Ace was weird. Pretty, though.