Monday, March 06, 2006

First Books

Mary asked today about first books.

I wrote my first novel in fourth grade. It was eighteen chapters of girl loves horse, entitled "A Horse Called Mystery". I don't have a clue what happened to it, but I still hold the memory close to my heart.

The next two novels were created at about the same time -- high school -- and both were co-authored by friends.

One was called "Galactic Assassin" and was a space opera. Lots of action, and laser guns and romance. Very fun. I still have that, and may ressurect it someday.

The other was "Love With a Twist" and was romantic suspense. My friend and I took turns writing chapters, and the further along we got the higher the bodies piled up. We took great delight in murdering each others characters. I still have that one, too (can you believe it, Cathy?), but haven't looked at it lately. Wonder if it's any good?

When I was seventeen, I wrote a book for the Avon Teen Novel Writing Contest called "Heir to Three Crowns" another romantic suspense. It did okay, I was in the top fifty and got a personal rejection letter. I don't know where that one is, but I can't imagine I threw it away so it must be with my old journals and scrapbooks.

Oh, Mary, did you mean first book as a grown up?

That would be "Playing House", a lighthearted romance that I started writing about three years ago and finished the first draft in December of 2004. I pull it out now and then and mess with it some, but there are some plot problems I can't seem to work out. I love the characters, so imagine I will revisit it again at some point.

It's amazing to see the change in writing style over the years. I'd like to think I've gotten better at description and show vs. tell. Gads, I should dig out those older books and post an excerpt. Could make for a few chuckles...

What about you? What are the first books you wrote and when did you write them?

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MaryF said...

Wow, we have a lot of similarities in our early writing. I wrote my first book the summer after 5th grade, I think. Basic romance. But I also co wrote a serial with a friend where we were on the fringes of the "rock world." I was Ramona Ramone (sister to the Ramones, though we knew they weren't actually brothers) and she was the girlfriend of her rockstar beau of the week. One of the main characters was Cora Q. Cool. I wish I had some of that early writing.