Tuesday, October 28, 2008

To Sleep, Perchance To Dream....

The worst thing in the world is to try to sleep and not to. ~F. Scott Fitzgerald

Without enough sleep, we all become tall two-year-olds. ~JoJo Jensen, Dirt Farmer Wisdom, 2002

It was a long night, so bear with me if I babble. DD is VERY sick suddenly... stuffy nose, cough, etc., to the point where she couldn't breathe and couldn't sleep. She can't take children's liquid medicine -- it makes her throw up, so at about midnight last night, with whiny child beside me, I rummaged through my grown-up meds until I found one that didn't say something like:

Do Not administer to children under 12 or else the world as we know it will come to an end.

Keep in mind, she woke me up once around ten and asked if I'd take the dog because she couldn't sleep. Then again at midnight. Then Dd woke me at 2:30 to go potty and again at 3:30 vomiting. DH woke up and asked if I needed anything. Yeah. Sleep.

I curled up in bed again, but just couldn't relax, so I was up at 4 a.m. -- which used to be my normal time, but I've been a slug-a-bed lately, and have slept in until FIVE.

That has to stop come November. Mornings are going to have to be my writing time.

Speaking of NaNoWriMo ... I spent much of yesterday researching beauty pageants. Did you know there is a pageant for the Miss America state first runners-up? It's called National Sweetheart, and I think it's a fabulous idea. It still won't work for me, but I did find an International pageant that ANY winner of ANY city, state, national or international pageant is eligible for. And, I'm (I can't believe I'm doing this) brainstorming a series based on six girls who all won various minor pageants and meet at this main pageant and become friends. The cool thing about this International pageant is -- it's literally for anyone, so my characters can be young, old, married, single, fat, skinny... whatever. I'm excited.

Of course, first I have to get book one written. But I wanted to figure this stuff out so I could incorporate it into my NaNo book, and maybe even have a reunion of sorts with the other five girls... at least one or two will have to make an appearance.

Anyway, it finally feels a little like my NaNo book is falling into place. And, just in time, yes? LOL... it's only a few days away!


Found another great review for "Kitchen Matches" in my inbox today (...Google Alerts... how do I love thee?).

This one was got five hearts from The Romance Studio, and says in part:

This Marianne Arkins manuscript was my first by her but I definitely do not intend for it to be my last. She used humor and an abundance of comedic relief to show the tendencies of her characters. There was a myriad of minor characters who all worked to make the story its best.

I believe that anybody would enjoy this manuscript. It is a quick-read, fast-paced and so romantic and funny that it has something for everyone. I highly recommend it.

I love warm fuzzies...


Chris found this saying and said it reminded her of me, so Judy made me a banner, lol... (I am the one who nags Chris and Judy about writing on a regular basis):



You Are a Werewolf

You are moody and easily provoked.

You are highly loyal and protective of those you love.

While you can be intense at times, you are generally a laid back person. But if a fight comes your way, you will fight 'til the death if necessary.

You seem normal to most people. No one understands how different you can be. It's like a switch flips for you sometimes - and then you're a completely different creature.

Interestingly enough... most of that is pretty close! LOL...



Jen of A2eatwrite said...

I love the potential for your nano book - what a cool idea!

Lack of sleep makes me crazy - Hope you can catch up.

Well... starting to sketch out my nano book TODAY. Can you spell p-r-o-c-r-a-s-t-i-n-a-t-e?

MaryF said...

Hugs on no sleep!!

YAY on the great review!

keri mikulski :) said...

Hope DD feels better soon. Congrats on the great review. I love the quote - without sleep, we all become two-year olds. :)

MomJane said...

Hugs to you and DD. Hope she is better today.

Love your review. It's the way I view your writing.

Dru said...

I hope Dd feels better soon and that you're able to get some sleep and rest.

Brandy said...

I hope your Daughter feels better soon!
Sounds as though everything is falling into place for your NaNo! Yay!

Tori Lennox said...

*hugs* on the lack of sleep and the sickies in the family!

Anonymous said...

HUGS on the lack of sleep (I'm right there with ya). I'm so sorry DD is sick. I hope she feels better soon.

I'm a werewolf. Figures. Can you imagine how much time I'd have to spend SHAVING every day? Sheesh.

I think I'm out for NaNo.

Melissa said...

Hugs, Marianne. I really hope your dd has a quick recovery. BEing sick is no fun for her or you.

Sounds like you've got a great series idea and are having fun with the research! I'm sure that excitement will translate into killer books!

Diane Craver said...

Congrats on the great review from TRS! I'm sorry I haven't read Kitchen Matches yet, but hopefully, I'll get to very soon.

I love your story idea for your NaNo book.

Sorry about your daughter. I hope you get some sleep tonight and your daughter does too.