Monday, March 03, 2008

Writers Write

"All writers are discontented. That's because they're aware of a potential and believe they're not reaching it." --- William Saroyan

I always harp on writers finding time to write. If it's important... you'll find the time. Get up early, write at lunch, skip TV, whatever.

I never thought I'd say this... but I'm having a hard time finding time to write. I already get up early. I already work through my lunch. And I probably don't watch four hours of TV a week, and even then I have my laptop on my lap.

I'm frustrated.

So, starting today...I'm writing. If other stuff has to fall to the wayside, it has to. I'm taking at LEAST an hour today and I'm going to WRITE. I miss writing. I have all these half-finished stories calling to me. And, the biggest problem is, once I've been away too long, I have to use precious writing time to re-read the story and remember stuff... the little details, remarks, hints of things I want to do.

So, dang it. The world (or the website, or my other duties) won't come to an end if I take an hour off. I may get an ulcer from it...worrying that it will, indeed, come to a disasterous end. But, dang it all, I owe it to myself and I'm gonna.

So there.

Writers write. And I'm a writer.


So, a question for the ages--Bath mats.

Do you:

A. Keep them off the floor (hanging over the tub or whatever) when you're not showering... they're BATH mats, not rugs; or

B. Keep them on the floor at all times... they're pretty AND functional.

I read on a blog somewhere about someone who had a completly different answer than I did, and to be honest, it never occured to me that people would think differently than me on this. After all, it's not typically contentious like, say, which way to put your toilet paper on the roll (my first roommate and I used to have knock-down drag-out fights on this).

I'll tell you my answer tomorrow -- I don't want to sway the answers. But, I must know if I'm that odd (or if this other person is!).


It's going to warm up this week -- maybe even as warm as FIFTY DEGREES!!!!!!! Spring is coming... melt that snow! Woot! I am doing the Dance of Joy!!!


Today's random quiz:

You Are a Good Girl!

You're into fun - but it has to be your own brand of fun

Drinking? No thanks. You rather spend your time differently...

Whether it's talking with friends, taking up a hobby, or reading

You're not the type to socialize just for socializing's sake!

Yes... yes I am. I admit it :-)


Ceri said...

Balki!!!!! Now there's a blast from the past.

btw I leave my bathmat on the floor. I guess its more of a rug. Is that totally wrong?

I've been busy with doing crits for others but I guess I should spend an hour or so writing on my new wip. Or I could take the crits I've already gathered and start fixing up my current manuscript.

Great, now I'm just as confused as I was before.

Allie Boniface said...

Love today's quote! And I keep mine off the floor.

Dru said...

I use a tub mat which I put down on the floor when I'm showering and put on the tub when I'm done.

When I use a bath mat, that is kept on the floor.

Good for you for taking an hour to write, write, write. Once you get back into the flow of things, the writing will come easier for you.

You Are a Good Girl!

You're into fun - but it has to be your own brand of fun

Drinking? No thanks. You rather spend your time differently...

Whether it's talking with friends, taking up a hobby, or reading

You're not the type to socialize just for socializing's sake!

Have a good Monday.

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

I TOTALLY applaud your decision to let other things drop by the wayside. Good for you! And you'll be happier, too. I know it. ;-)

And I'm taking you up on your challenge for Wednesday. ;-)

Lianne said...

Bath Mat: is meant to be a towel for your feet when you get out of the shower. Not really a rug. So if I had one, it would hang over the side of the tub until time to use it. But hey, to each his own, right?

Writer's Write: Absolutely! And you know what? A good friend of mine told me once, "Don't worry about the dishes or the rest of the housework. It'll still be there waiting for you when you finish (fill in the blank....writing, playing, blogging...whatever)." So do your writing. Don't worry about the other stuff. You'll get it done in time, even if it's a little late, and the world will keep on going. But your writing won't ever get done if you don't do it. Because only YOU can do YOUR writing.

My words of wisdom for the day. **grin**

Have a great day, and may your snow melt quickly. BTW, I agree that we should all pack up and go live with Judy until May or so.

Tori Lennox said...

Writers write. And I'm a writer.

You go, girl!!!

I wouldn't necessarily call mine a bath mat. It's a rug. *g*

Oh, I loved Balki!!!

I'm a Good Girl, too. :)

Brandy said...

Good for you! Take the time you need to write.

I guess mine is a bath-rug. I leave it down all day, because it's one less thing to pick up all the time. Besides, it's easier when your bathing times differ.

Have a pleasant day!

anno said...

Everything in my bathroom ends up on the floor. Gravity, I guess.

Glad to hear you're taking the hour a day. Let everything else fall into place around it. It will.

LOVED the video!

groovyoldlady said...

Hey, get out of the city! I LOVED Perfect Strangers. It was truly a favorite of mine. The very best episode is te one where Balky and an evil relative engage in a satirical sword fight ala Princess Bride.

Seeing the dance of joy again, it has made me so happy!

groovyoldlady said...

Oh...and I pick up my bathmat and hang it, BUT MULLETMAN LEAVES IT ON THE FLOOR, so it is a contentious issue around here!

Melissa said...


I remember something Jenny Crusie wrote in the RWR once. She said protect the work. Self-promotion is fine, but not if it interferes with the writing. I know you want to promote Liv, but maybe with your next book try to balance it out a little more. You've got your blog, LASR and family in addition to writing. That's a lot to then add a non-stop blog tour!