Monday, March 10, 2008

Appearances and Good Customer Service

The world is governed more by appearance than realities so that it is fully as necessary to seem to know something as to know it. ~Daniel Webster

I'm being interviewed at The Coffee Stop today. Come on over and find out what made me snort.


Last night, DH and I were watching county music videos, and Nan Kelly was interviewing Keith Urban.

DH said, "I don't understand why anyone would think he was hot. He looks like a scally-wag."

I said, "Most 'hot' guys look scruffy and unkempt theses days. Besides, I don't get why most women think 'hot' guys are hot. Look at Billy Currington. I don't think he's hot and (Billy, if you're reading this, I'll apologize now... you might be a rocket scientist, but you just don't look like one) he looks like he has an IQ of 2. I'd take Keith Urban over Billy Currington every day of the week."

DH said, incredulously, "Really? I think Billy's hotter than Keith."

(Note: We have these conversations about women, too, and have decided that the current hottest chicks in country music are Sara Evans and Carrie Underwood).

So what do YOU think?


Or Billy:

You don't want to know what I said about Tim McGraw. Poor Tim. I wasn't kind.


I was going to do the Monday Morning Meme, but it asks what I think is sexy about me and, as I sit here in my jammies, with hair askew and breath that is a mix of morning/coffee, I couldn't think of anything.

Those just aren't the kinds of questions to ask me before I've had a shower.


Something I admire in salespeople: honesty.

I know that sounds like a no-brainer, but I'll tell you right now... I had two experiences yesterday that cemented my loyalty to two stores.

Osborne's Agway: Besides the fact that they love my dog, yesterday I was looking for a remote training collar for Dakota and they only had a small dog size. The clerk there gave me a website to find them and said that the prices were even better than their store would offer. Now, I shop there all the time. It's where I get my pet food and my bird food and most of my gardening supplies. But I love them even more now...

Pets Supply USA: They opened near us recently, which was nice because there aren't any other big pet places within easy driving distance. I decided to go there yesterday after Agway, just to see if they had a remote trainer. They did. The guy took it out and let me look at it and we talked about all the options. I mentioned that I really didn't want to use the "shock" option, just the "good tone/bad tone" one. He asked if Dakota was voice trained. I said... sort of. He told me, if I wasn't going to use the shock, there was no point in getting the collar--that the "good tone/bad tone" is the same thing as saying "NO!" or "good girl" (in the different tones of voice).

His honesty lost him (and I believe he's the manager) a $100+ sale, but gained a loyal customer. It's a bit reminiscent of Miracle on 34th Street when Santa sends people to different stores.

In any case, I was very happy with people yesterday.


From Melissa:

You Are Not Messy

You're so clean, people have accused you of being a clean freak!

You like things tidy, organized, and smelling fresh.

Messes drive you crazy, especially when you didn't make them.

It's hard for you to live with a slob - or someone who leaves their dishes in the sink.


anno said...

Oh, come on, it's got to be Keith, of course! But then, I like scruffy, and, according to your quiz, I might be a bit of a slob...

Sarita Leone said...

Too funny about the Monday morning breath/hair/jammies thing. :)

Amy Addison said...

LOL about the morning/coffee breath. Since I'm sure your teeth are brushed by now, I think the m/c breath is just me.

Re the guys: neither one does it for me. The both look like they need a decent razor and Billy looks like he could use a shower.

I'll stop by The Coffee Stop and read your interview.

Dru said...

I don't like the scruffy-look on guys. I like them clean-shaven with nice hair.

I like when people are honest and helpful to the point where they'll lose a sale. That makes their store worth my future service.

Tori Lennox said...

Neither guy is really to my taste, but if forced to choose, I'd take Keith. I agree with your assessment of Billy's IQ, especially in that picture. *g*

For voice alone, my hands down winner would be Josh Turner. Love that man's voice.

Very cool re the stores!

Brandy said...

I don't like scruffy, at all. And what's with guys with long hair? Ugh.
I was SO glad I wasn't drinking when I read your Morning/coffee breath. *g*
I hear you on honesty with salesmen. The GE dude we had last week told me that Chris could have fixed the fridge for under $100 AND HOW TO DO IT. (I know hubs' limitations, though.)

I hope you have fun today, and WRITE!

Melissa said...

Gotta be Keith!

So guess what I did tonight? I filled out an application to adopt a rescue dog. Gulp!

Dena said...

Definitely Keith out of these two. When Tim takes his hat off he is pretty sparse up there, has anyone else noticed?

Allie Boniface said...

I'm still smiling at your daughter using the word "scallywag" - what's she been reading these days?'s Billy Currington?

VirtualWordsmith said...

My husband looks like an older, rounder version of Keith Urban. I've seen pictures of him when he was in his twenties, and the resemblance is uncanny. So, my vote is Keith. :)