Thursday, July 26, 2007

Tips, Titles and Pillars

"Being a writer is like having homework every night for the rest of your life." - Lawrence Kasdan

Thanks to Judy for this tag:

It’s very simple. When this is passed on to you, copy the whole thing, skim the list and put a * star beside those that you like. (Check out especially the * starred ones.)

Add the next number (1. 2. 3. 4. 5., etc.) and write your own blogging tip for other bloggers. Try to make your tip general.

After that, tag 10 other people. Link love some friends!

Just think- if 10 people start this, the 10 people pass it onto another 10 people, you have 100 links already!

1. Look, read, and learn. **

2. Be, EXCELLENT to each other. ****

3. Don’t let money change ya! *

4. Always reply to your comments. ********

5. Link liberally — it keeps you and your friends afloat in the Sea of Technorati. ****

6. Don’t give up - persistence is fertile. **

7. Give link credit where credit is due. ******

8. Pictures say a thousand words and can usually add to any post. ***

9. Visit all the bloggers that leave comments for you - it's nice to know who is reading! ****

10. Make a blogger template unique: change the background colour, or add a background picture to your header. *

11. Write positively even if the situation is seemingly negative -- spread joy and not gloom. You can do it! *

12. When you find something that interests you, write about it. Sharing yourself with others is one of the best things about blogging. *

13. Blog Daily (or at least, very regularly). People will give up looking if you're not around a lot!
I try to do most of these things -- but have to admit, I'm not always good at responding to my commenter's. I'm lucky to get here once a day with my schedule. It's not that I don't love the folks who come by and chat -- I DO, and often wonder if I'm dull or offensive on those days when I have few comments. I'm just really busy.

Okay... tagging people. Hmmm...Dunno if I'll have ten, but here's who pops into my early morning brain:


And six more people who feel like do it... kay? I'm still waking up.


So, I have another contract (for my novella-- YAY!) pending a new title. I hate thinking up titles. I thought I did really great with this one, but the editor wants the focus on the H/H, not the H's daughter. Well, sheesh, you'd think this was a romance or something.

It was previously called, "A Family For Melody" -- Melody being the daughter. I can't think of a blessed thing. And it's frustrating, cuz I can't get the contract printed and signed until I have a good title. Grr... (think, think, think).


Pillar Place: Monarch is fairly quiet. I have all the pillars transferred into their own happy homes, so no one will eat anyone. Otto is now nearly an inch long! And his antenna are visible, so he's really looking like a monarch butterbaby. We did somehow lose one -- it was either Athena or Apollo (no, couldn't tell them apart). I don't know if it fell off the leaf and drowned or whether its sibling made a snack of it, but we were a pillar short.

No worries. DD went out to the garden and found the nine leaves I'd marked that had eggs on them, and found one that had JUST hatched. So we're back up to thirteen again. I do feel bad about leaving those other pillars outside, but SHEESH. Anyone want to raise a monarch? I have extra pillars :-)


You Are Bert

Extremely serious and a little eccentric, people find you lovable - even if you don't love them!

You are usually feeling: Logical - you rarely let your emotions rule you

You are famous for: Being smart, a total neat freak, and maybe just a little evil

How you life your life: With passion, even if your odd passions (like bottle caps and pigeons) are baffling to others


Allie Boniface said...

Congrats on the new contract! You are going to be (if you aren't already) TWRP's most prolific, best-selling author. Very exciting!

Dru said...

hey, good news on the new contract! I'm sure you'll think of a good title.

Charity said...

Hey, I saw that, slipping in the news about your novella. Congrats!

Jen said...

Congrats on the novella!

I'm Bert, too, much to my surprise!

Tori Lennox said...

Congrats on the new contract!

I got:

You Are Elmo
Sweet and innocent, you expect everyone to adore you. And they usually do!

You are usually feeling: Talkative. You've got tons of stories to tell. And when you aren't talking, you're laughing.

You are famous for: Being popular, though no one knows why. Middle aged women especially like you.

How you life your life: With an open heart. "Elmo loves you!"


Gay said...

If you comment on those who comment on you, they'd have to comment back, and it would be never-ending...

It makes no sense.

I'm of the opinion that it makes sense to know who they are, visit them occasionally, and to comment when you have something to say. (Or to just say hello periodically, so they know you haven't dropped off the face of the earth).

Then again, I never held to the "they invited us last time, we'd better have them over to dinner" rule, either, or similar conventions. So maybe I'm a renegade.

Tori Lennox said...

I meant to add, that if anybody tries to tickle me, they're gonna get socked on the jaw or punched in the nose. *g*

Brandy said...

Congratulations on the Novella! Good luck with the title.
I got Bert too. Hmmm. I never thought of myself as a "little mean"!

Have a good day!

Alice Teh said...

CONGRATULATIONS on the contract! So happy for you... *GRIN*

I love your blogging tip. I agree that consistency in blogging is very important because I've come to expect my favourite blogs to be updated daily. I do miss my bloggie friends when I don't see entries from them...

groovyoldlady said...

Blogging tips. Yeah sure. AND a novella title? Too much thinking.

Wait! Eureka! "Always warn coffee drinkers if you are going to be funny so they don't spew coffee on their monitor and sue you for the repairs."

Nah...That'd be a lousy title for your book.