Friday, July 13, 2007

Fifteen Things

It's time, once again, for the Friday Fifteen!

Fifteen Things I Thought I Might Blog About Until I Remembered It Was Friday (and time for the Friday Fifteen)

1. That we lost two of our three caterpillars. Meeney and Miney have gone to that great dill plant in the sky... Eenie is still doing well, and Moe is a happy pupa in the side of the box. The deaths of Meeney and Miney, however, were so traumatic for both me and DD that we won't be pulling in any more swallowtails on dill. I've never had this kind of bad luck with the ones on my rue.

2. That I started reading Nora Roberts' new book: High Noon. It's very exciting and I can only read it in small bites right now. That may change, but for now, my heart can't stand it.

3. That Nora really knows how to subtly show attraction and she can build sexual tension unlike anyone else. There are many, many authors who could learn from her (namely nearly every Intimate Moments author I tried to read over the past few weeks -- sheesh).

4. That I submitted my 1953 story (now entitled "Don't Fence Me In") to The Wild Rose Press's Vintage Rose line, and got a request for full almost immediately. This made me feel better, since I have two other queries out with the Champagne Rose line that have been there for a few weeks without a nibble. My fault, really, because I know that's the busiest line.

5. That I've decided to NOT submit to Champagne Rose anymore if possible (that is, unless it's something I've already written). It's the contemporary line that allows more sexual situations than Sweetheart Rose, and probably 75% of the submissions go there. Even though I adore both editors I've worked with there, I'm too impatient.

6. That my dog, Bailey, got her stitches out yesterday and her lab test came back with nice wide, clean margins. Even though tests also showed that it was the "really bad" cancer that can quickly become inoperable, I caught it soon enough (the doc still thinks that's a miracle, considering where the lump was and how hairy the dog is -- I figure God knew I wasn't ready to lose Bailey yet).

7. That my friend, Ceri, bought my story "Now That We've Found You". I'm always nervous when a friend buys my stuff. Their opinions matter more than a stranger's.

8. That my garden is growing like crazy! I'm going to be buried in cucumbers and squash soon. If you're in the neighborhood, feel free to stop by and help yourself.

9. That I feel at loose ends now that I've finished and submitted my latest story. I always wonder if I have another one in me, or if the well is dry. Thus far, the story ideas keep bubbling up...still, I always wonder.

10. DH watched American Hot Rod last night, and it was about a tribute car for Elvis, sponsored by Reeses peanut butter cups (did you know, they make their own peanut butter right there in the factory?). Aside from how disgusting their special candy sounds (a peanut butter cup with a layer of banana cream, because Elvis' favorite food was a peanut butter and banana sandwich), it was interesting to watch. And, it gave me an idea for my next Vintage Rose. Bubble, bubble...

11. The fact that having fifteen things on the list is just too many. I start to run out of steam right around now. Every week I wonder if I have fifteen anythings in me.

12. That I want to dead head my cosmos out by the mailbox, but am having too much fun watching the goldfinches land on them and eat.

13. That I am saving seeds from all my annuals to take with me when we move out west. I fully believe in thinking positive. However, I have WAY too many columbine seeds. Anyone want some?

14. That having someone who loves you more than anyone else in the world is a wonderful feeling. DD tells me this everyday (usually when she's clinging to me like a leech -- she very touch-feely. I don't know where she gets this, as neither DH nor I are that way).

15. That I have a winner of my "Buy A Friend A Book Week" contest -- Ginny was the luck name I pulled from the hat (well, actually, I ran the names through, but that doesn't sound as good).
Phew. Done. Happy Friday everyone!!


Ceri said...

I have no doubt I'm going to love the story but I know what you mean. I think there's higher expectations when its someone you know. I belong to a totally unrelated to writing yahoo group and one of the members has bought two of my books so far. So far so good. She always has lots of questions for me that make me think... hhmmm... why didn't I think to do that. Maybe I'll hire her as a proof reader so she can ask the questions before I send the story off to a publisher.

Glad to hear about your dog, but so sorry to hear about Meeny and Miney. I hope Eenie does better.

JennieBoo said...

I loved your list, but I think #14 is by far, the best feeling ever!

Congrats on your writing, doggie's good report and bountiful garden!

Happy Friday

Melissa said...

Wow, great list. I know I couldn't have come up with a list like that! Enjoy the day!

anno said...

That's great news about Bailey! Enjoy your DD's clinginess while you can... it won't last forever, trust me. Sorry about the caterpillars. FWIW, I'm feeling the same way about coming up with 15 items this week... It was fun to read your list this week, though!

Tori Lennox said...

#4. Love the title!

#6. Yay!!!

#10. Yeah, that does sound pretty disgusting. *g*

Judy Thomas said...

#1. So sad :-(

#4. Congratulations :-)

#8. I feel the same way about the cherry tomatoes in MY garden. Wanna switch? I wonder if I express mail them in a styrofoam box..... hmmmmm

#9. The candy sounds disgusting, but his favorite sandwich was good.. and it's even more fattening than JUST a peanut butter and banana sandwich. No wonder he got fat!

#13. Send them down... I guess they might grow here.

Jenn in Holland said...

Great list Marianne! You have a lot of fodder for more posts here. Love the writing successes for you! Yahoo!