Thursday, July 12, 2007

*STICKY POST* Buy A Friend A Book Week


How... How... How could I have forgotten this important event?!?!?!

Buy A Friend A Book Week is nearly over!

*shakes head in shame*

Starting TODAY and running through next Thursday, July 12, 2007 I am running a contest for a $5.00 gift certificate to The Wild Rose Press -- enough to buy a full length novel in eBook format, or to put toward a print book if you so choose. There are some really amazing books available over there. So many, you may have trouble choosing.

It's easy. Just put your name in the pot (okay, the comments). And... for an additional entry, tell people about the contest on your own blog and post the link in the comments. How simple is that?

What about you? Why aren't YOU having a BAFABW contest? Hmmm??

There are a few folks participating. If you'd like to enter their contests, too, go here to see the list.

Good luck!


If you don't want the Wild Rose Press gift certificate (for reasons I simply wouldn't understand!), and you live in the USA or Canada, you may also opt for Door Number Two: Your choice of one of the following books --

1. Marriage for Baby by Melissa McClone
2. Crowned: And Ordinary Girl by Natasha Oakley
3. Raintree: Inferno by Linda Howard


Kymberlie R. McGuire said...

Putting my name in the pot. :-)

My e-mail address is kymberlie AT neuroticfishbowl DOTCOM since Blogger won't show this information.

Michele said...

**ducks bashful head**
I don't believe I've ever bought any book , E or otherwise, from Wild Rose Press.

I get a ton from Fictionwise then, NCP and Ellora's.

This would be a wonderful intro to a new set of authors and styles.

I'd like to put my name in... my email usually is attached to my Blogger profile. If it doesn't work anymore..which I am wondering about based on Kymberlie's comment, let me know (if you even end up needing it)

Anyway, Hope you had a terriff July 4th!!

Dru said...

I'll enter and I've added your contest in my blog.

Callista said...

Put me in the pot! callista83 AT

Will be adding you to my blog.

Ginny said...

Put me in the pot, I have never heard of that site before & can't wait to check it out. If you can see my email is is scrappydesigns @ gmail.