Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Pregnancy Cravings Cover

My rosette, Pregnancy Cravings, should be released by the end of summer -- I hope -- and I just got the cover for it. I'm not in love with the red and blue letters at the beginning of the words, but I love the new look TWRP has given even their short story covers! Isn't it lovely?

Patrice would do anything for her pregnant friend, Cathy, even if "anything" includes running to the convenience store on a daily basis to indulge her cravings. On one of her excursions, Patrice meets Joey Sousa, the cashier at the store. Their attraction is undeniable, but awkward: he thinks she's pregnant, she thinks he's dating someone else. Will the misunderstandings keep them apart, or will their chance meeting give birth to happy ever after?
This story is one that shows my favorite writing voice -- a little goofy and off the wall. If someone picks up my full length novel, Isn't She Liv Leigh, out being submitted even as we speak, you'll get to see it again.

I have another little ditty out in submission, something that isn't really a romance, and it can't seem to find a home, though it did come close with Flash Me Magazine. If this last place rejects it, I'll post it as a free read on my website and you'll see the lighter side of me.

Have a great night!


Ceri said...

Sounds cute! Love the cover. Makes me hungry. :)

Diane Craver said...

I want to get this story. It sounds really good.

Charity said...

Oh, but it's eye-catching, especially with how they switch out the colors with your name. I like it! Congrats, once again. Looking forward to it.

Allie Boniface said...

Yeah, the red and blue letters are a little odd, but I do love the cover art. Very cute!

Shauna said...

Ooh, both these stories look great! I'm looking forward to reading them! ;-)