Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Pillar Place Bonus Episode, "Hatched"

We have a butterfly: Moe -- Formerly of Eenie, Meany (presumed deceased), and Miney (presumed deceased) -- hatched this morning.

We have had beautiful weather all week. Tomorrow and through the weekend are expected to be equally beautiful. Today? Rain.

Now, ask me if I can release a butterfly in the rain.

That's right. I swear, these critters sit and plot all the ways they can make this whole project the biggest inconvenience possible.

So, Moe currently resides in the pillar box -- minus all pillars except Eenie who is acting as though he might start his pre-pupa wandering -- with a bit of towel soaked in orange juice and some cut flowers.

He is not a happy butterfly.

It is his own fault.

I have explained this to him. His response? A few wing flutters and then walking away.

Well, HUMPH! to you, too.

DD likes this part, though:

Unfortunately, now that his wings are completely pumped up, we can't hold him anymore until release, unless I want him living inside the house.

BTW, Moe is (as we supposed), a male. Note the bright yellow spots on his wings. The female has almost unnoticeable yellow spots. It'll be interesting to see if the rest of our guesses are correct.

It's expected to clear up later today. I'll try to get pictures of the release.


Tori Lennox said...

Isn't he pretty! If a little rude. *g*

Melissa said...

Oh, lovely. Welcome Moe. Love the pics.

Dru said...

wow, beautiful!

anno said...

Great pictures! Great project! This has been so much fun to watch

Jen said...

Moe sure is a beauty!