Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sunday, Sunday

“No one can have peace longer than his neighbor pleases” - Dutch Proverb

First off, and at the risk of jinxing things, I'd like to report that Eenie (our sole surviving caterpillar -- Moe is a pupa) is doing very, very well. He's behaving just as a caterpillar should (it's kind of like a new baby): eat, poop, sleep. He's big enough now, I predict he should be a pupa in the next couple of days. Yay! Then it's butterfly time. DD loves that she can hold them while they pump their wings. What a great experience for her. And for me. I've decided one of the biggest bennies to homeschooling is being able to relearn and reexperience all the cool stuff from childhood. Of course, pesky old math is still there, too. But that's okay. I get to hold butterflies.

Our ATVing neighbors are building an ATV track in their backyard. They took down a boatload of trees, imported three dump trucks full of dirt and rented a backhoe. I can't tell you how excited this makes me.

Friday night, they worked the backhoe until ten p.m. Of course, since my other neighbors were blowing off professional sized fireworks until 9:40, I was already awake. Yesterday, ATV neighbors alternately rode their dirt bikes/ATV's and used the excavator ALL DAY LONG.

And some different neighbors blew off fireworks last night.

And, just as I was feeling grateful for my harley-riding, drug dealers next door, thinking how quiet they are, some acid rock just started blasting from that house. It's 5:00 a.m. on a Sunday morning here. Ah... it just turned off. An alarm, perhaps? Well, it worked. I'd be willing to be it woke the entire neighborhood.

Anyone have a guest house I can borrow for awhile? Do you allow pets?


I did have the day alone yesterday, as DD and DH spent the day out on the lake (the scourge of motion sickness keeps me off the boat). I drafted several reviews on LASR (check out today's review -- this book sounded so good, I ordered it), and wrote about 1,000 words on my latest short story, working title of "Kitchen Matches".

I also watched one episode of "The Closer". I love, Love, LOVE that show. Anyone want a crash course in how to develop interesting and diverse characters and a great mystery? Watch it. I think this season may be even better than last. This is, by far, the best show I watch.

And yes, Tori and Brandy, I'll watch "Eureka", I promise... but Tori said it was "heartbreaking", so I'm trying to gear up for that. Plus, I usually let a few episodes collect so, if I get really hooked, I can keep watching for a while.


You Should Spend Your Summer on a Road Trip

For you, the summer is all about possibilities. And you're not going to be tied down.
This is the time for you to embark on an epic road trip, with no ultimate destination in mind.
You know you'll have a ton of crazy adventures... at least until you run out of cash!

I'm totally into that idea. Aside from the fact that I prefer to drive than anything else, it would get me away from my neighbors!

Have a great day.


anno said...

If you end up at the beach, let me know -- that's where I'll be. If I can find a place without jetskis maybe it will even be quieter than your neighborhood this morning. I hope that situation improves quickly!

Jen said...

Ooooo... sympathies on those neighbors.

And I love The Closer, too. The writing is incredible. Do you ever watch Bones? I don't think it's quite as good, but it's also got quirky characters, decent writing and good mysteries.

Allie Boniface said...

An ATV track? In their backyard? Oh Lord...

You can some stay at my house anytime - guest room and pet-friendly! :)

Dru said...

I didn't know people can take down trees..I assume it's on their property. Don't you need to be zoned for an ATV track? Your neighbors lack total respect.

The Closer is the one summer show that I cannot miss. Wait till you watch the other three; they were all great.

I should spend my summer in the mountains.

Judy Thomas said...

You know you have a standing invitation for here.. and you get a whole guest HOUSE. Of course, you also get (if you come in summer) south Georgia heat and gnats :-)

RE: The Closer. I love the show. I cannot stand the main character. I know, I'm going to get a lot of grief for this, but her accent makes me crawl. They would have done better to let her talk with her natural voice, because I've seen the actress in other things and she didn't bother me at all.

Tori Lennox said...

Your ATVing neighbors would drive me insane. *hugs* And what's with the fireworks? Don't the idiots know the 4th is over?

Did you watch Eureka yet? Huh, did ya?

Hey, we're twins again! I'm supposed to go on a road trip, too! Too bad they don't tell you how you're supposed to AFFORD it. *g*

Brandy said...

I got mountains, which I adore anyway. You have the exact opposite neighborhood I do. Our neighborhood is so quiet it can be eerie. (Of course our subdivision is in the boonies so that may have something to do with it.) I hope you like Ghost, Interrupted! (I did!)

Gay said...

I'd have to either shoot the neighbors or shoot myself... fortunately, things like that would never fly in California. Some endangered species or another would pop up to save you.

I get a week of peace and quiet (not even the TV!). DH and DD went water skiing at the river, and I stayed home. It's just me and the cats (and the elderly dog who only wakes up at mealtime). I'm looking forward to it.