Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The Plank in My Eye

Do you ever notice that you can see stuff in others work, and completely miss it in yours? I commented today on a person's writing, and mentioned the old "show don't tell" adage. And then I realized that I'm guilty of exactly the same thing.

Why can't we see our own stuff as clearly? It's just not fair.

I'm editing the last bit of Liv for D and I read stuff and smile or chuckle (ha, ha, isn't cute) and much of what I really like is what gets negative feedback from folks. Why? What am I missing?

I suppose that is why we have editors. And critique groups. And I can't tell you how thankful I am for them.

In fact, let's pretend we're at the Academy Awards.

I just want to thank:

The P&P group
Alison and all the rest of Timeless Tales
And, of course, my mom

You guys shove me back onto the path, sometimes painfully, but I'm really thankful to have you all.



Charity said...

You're so sweet, but remember, none of us--well, at least not me--is right 100% of the time. Never forget your story and vision.

There's a saying out there, from a writer whose name I can't remember, about taking whatever it is that people say is negative about your work and exaggerating it, because that's where your true voice lies.

It's what I'm doing with TBC. Or at least trying to. We'll see how it works out. ;-)

darcy said...

What she said ^


Judy said...

Ditto as above. And, y'know... it goes both ways. You have given me so much more than I feel I've helped you. You help keep me on a roll with my goals and it is greatly appreciated. I'm so far 2 for 2 in the short story submissions and it's only Feb. 2! If I submit one more this month, can I count that for a month I don't submit??? ;-)