Friday, February 10, 2006

Unbreak My Heart

A few months ago, I went to Pet Quarters to pick up dog and cat food and discovered two truly amazing cats. Pet Quarters works with the animal rescue groups, fostering cats at their store and, hopefully, getting them adopted out. Mostly, the animals are allowed free roam of the store and all the attention they can get.

The cats that stole my heart were Bubba and Daphne -- brother and sister kitties with special needs. They were born with a birth defect in their front legs, which are shorter than they should be and bent up at the ankle. They can walk with difficulty, and spend much time sitting on their haunches like meercats. They are sweet and affectionate and my daughter and I looked forward to seeing them on every visit.

Yesterday, we went and they were gone. I asked the employee if they'd finally found a home. Nope. They went back to the shelter so that other kitties could come to the store... other, more easily adopted kitties.

My heart broke a little. I want these cats more than anything, but my husband really hates cats. We have one now, but he married into her, and I have very little chance of talking him into taking these sweet babies. I am going to try, but hold out little hope.

When we left the store, my daughter - crying - said, "Mommy, you don't understand. I had a little spot in my heart just for them." Even now, it makes me choke up.

So, anyone out there have a place in your hearts for these sweet babies?

Bubba and Daphne

They'll steal a little spot in your hearts, too.

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MaryF said...

If I wasn't in Texas, I'd take them.