Monday, February 13, 2006

How I Wasted my Writing Time This Morning

Thanks to Charity (yup, it's all her fault!), I learned how to play in Power Point. And lookie what I've made (I'm going to add to it, but these are all the pix I have so far)... well, crud. I'm trying to get the collage here, but I can't get it imported. Charity... help!

Anyway, here's what's on it - "It" being a collage for Liv Leigh:


Image hosting by Photobucket



Image hosting by Photobucket


Image hosting by Photobucket

And also a picture of a wrench, a pizza, a beer bottle, a diamond ring and the cover of Guiness Book of World Records.

Still looking for some other stuff.

This was fun and a total time waster! Woo hoo!


Charity said...

Hmm. If it's a blogger thing, I'm not sure I can help. Did you save the slide as a .jpg (or other image file)? That might be where the glitch is. Otherwise, I don't know.

I have mine as my desktop wallpaper now. Of course, I had to explain to Bob why George Clooney is on my desktop. Hey, it's not Mark's fault he looks like George Clooney.

Charity said...

Okay, maybe my version of PowerPoint is different. Try doing a "save as . . ." and looking to see if there's a .jpg or other graphic format available in the drop-down box. Let me know if this works. I want to see the collage. As a back up option, send me the file and I can convert it on my machine.