Tuesday, February 07, 2006

If Only I Had Her Hair

According to the Movies.com Which Movie Star Are You Like? quiz, you're:

Jennifer Aniston

America's Sweetheart? Try America's Victim! The title may help you spark that big-screen career you've long been hungering for, but we're guessing you're probably nobody's victim. You've always been the most likely among your Friends to have a big-screen career — no victimization necessary!

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Charity said...

I liked the answer I got, but I'm glad I didn't get his (yes, I'm a guy) hair.

Judy said...

She was always the roommate I would have most wanted to have out of all of them. Going now to take my test...toodles!

Judy said...

Okay... I'm Matt Damon. I sure hope DH doesn't mind... lol.

bluegirl said...

I just dream for her hair! How could she make it perfect everytime she show up? I just bought myself a new flat iron that she uses, Sedu flat iron, oh, yes!