Wednesday, February 15, 2006


I blame Paperback Writer for showing me yet another way to kill time.

Random Generators. So much fun.

Actually, I could use these to plot a paranormal romance novel. Check it out:

Romance Character Generator gives me my heroine.

A gypsy foundling, Marguerite Bonnaissance has dazzling ultramarine orbs and rippling platinum hair, and cannot disguise her distinctive hairstyle. All are awed when she reveals telekinesis. Little does she know she is really Claquesous's long-lost unexpectedly youthful aunt.

Where does the story take place? Use the Place Name Generator! My setting is:


What's Atlantium like? Use the City Generator.

This is a moderate-sized, not very populous city built predominantly of granite and defended by a highly trained city guard. It is well known for its imposing aqueduct. Most of its revenue comes from warfare.

Now I need my hero. Should I use the French Male Name Generator, the Japanese Male Name Generator or the Trendy Name Generator? I think I'll go with trendy names.

My hero?


And using the Character Description Generator , I can find out what he's like.

This slight, shy man has silky bleach-blonde hair, aquamarine eyes and a hooked nose. He wears a forest green business suit and a necktie.

Okay. I'm ready. I'm off to go write about stunningly beautiful Marguerite and the unlikely hero, Etan. But I think that Claquesous is going to get in the way of true love.

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