Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I Can See!

So, a few weeks back, to celebrate big number 39, I got an eye exam. Over the past couple of years (yes, that long), I've had serious problems reading and using the computer. I couldn't get my eyes to focus together. If I closed one (and it didn't matter which one) I could see.

When the eye strain from the computer got so bad that I could only spend an hour or two a day on it, I decided it was time to do something drastic. Like *gasp* get glasses.

My first pair had the wrong prescription. Wearing them was what I imagine being on really bad hallucinogenic drugs would be like. Everything was a little blurry and swam in front of me in soft focus.

I took them back. The girl took one look at them under her microscope thingy and said... oops, left lens has a problem.

I got them back a couple of days ago, set them on the counter and forgot about them. Until yesterday.

Yesterday, I started developing the same old computer headache, nausea thing and was distraught. I was in the middle of messing with a short story I want to send out next week and wasn't ready to quit. Then I remembered the glasses. Would they help?

I put them on. Headache disappeared.


Oh. My. Word.

It's a miracle.

I can see.

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