Saturday, February 04, 2006

It's Saturday...

That means I'll have very little time to get down to the mushroom patch and write. Hubby was home yesterday fixing his poor snowmobile (there was great tragedy there from last weekend involving pistons and the carbuerator...please don't ask me any more than that). Normally, he'd take the thing out on the weekend but it's been RAINING here. Raining. Here. We're practically in Canada! They've had to postpone the ice fishing derby on Lake Winnepesaukee this year because the ice isn't frozen enough. Unheard of.

But, secretly, I'm thrilled. I really hate the cold. Doc says it's partly because I have ridiculously low blood pressure (no triple digits for me, I'm something like 90 over 60) and I get cold easier. You're telling me.

Anyway, the significance of this is that the weather stinks (it's raining again today) and my husband has no project to keep him busy and out of my hair. When he doesn't have something to do, he drives me nuts by doing things such as rearranging the furniture. Or cleaning my office (grrr...) or other busy work.

I can't believe that I wish it had snowed yesterday instead of rained. That's very unlike me. And to top it off, I'm not going to be able to keep track of what day it was, because yesterday felt like Saturday and now I'm all messed up!

-- In writing news --

I mailed out a short story to a print magazine yesterday. Won't hear back for at least three months. I hate waiting.

I'm judging a contest again. I'm tickled pink because these entries are much better than the last ones I had. Frustrated, though, because a couple of them have me hooked, and I want the rest of the story! Guess that's good for them, huh?

I'm working on another short story for an online magazine, and brainstorming ideas for Womans World (will I ever get in there?).

So, I'm keeping busy.

What about you?

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