Thursday, February 02, 2006

Favorite Movies

In contemplating my VHS collection, and wondering which of them I'd like to replace on DVD I started thinking about my faves. The movies I can watch over and over and not get sick of them.

Strangely, there aren't very many romances among them. Wonder what that says about me? Other than I'm a little odd, which will probably be confirmed when you read about my favorite movies -- few of them were blockbuster hits. These are in no particular order, just posted as they came to me.

Undercover Blues - probably my all time favorite. Oh so funny, in a warped way. Great lines and innuendos. Cheesy. Thinking about it makes me want to watch it again.

Better off Dead - I saw this in the theater and remember that it was me, my friend and two other people. I was so embarassed every time I laughed out loud. And I did. A lot.

Ever After - One of the best romances ever. And (*sigh*) Dougray Scott is the best handsome prince.

The Power of One - Saw this one in the theater, too, and came out a changed person. Amazing stuff.

Galaxy Quest - Funniest. Movie. Ever.

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While You Were Sleeping - I know Sandra Bullock doesn't want to be shoehorned into romantic comedies, but she does them so well. And this movie cemented my love affair with Bill Pulman. One of the best all time romances with the "aaahhhh" factor.

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Back to the Future - The first one was the best! I watched it again the other night, and loved it all over. What a great movie.

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Star Wars -- The original. The first. The best. Changed the entire world of movie making. Great acting, great plot. A#1 in my book.

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American Dreamer - What writer wouldn't like to become one of her characters, at least for a little while? Great fun.

Blogger is giving me fits about posting pictures, so I'll stop for now - but I could go on (Raiders of the Lost Ark anyone?). And on.

What about you? What are your must have DVD's?


Anonymous said...

i thought it was an interesting movie, and the director was a genius on how he potaryed all the actors.

MaryF said...

OMG, I completely forgot about The Power of One. I'd read the book first and was mad to see the movie. I liked the book better, of course.