Monday, February 20, 2006


Amazingly, Comcast actually managed to do something (for a change) that they promised and got me back up in two days.

I can't believe how much I take my internet for granted. Little things, like looking for a recipe. All Recipes is my biggest resource for anything I cook. Sometimes I'll just go there with a vague idea and some ingredients and see what comes up.

Couldn't do that.

I have a corn plant that is looking pretty skanky and I want to start it over. But how do these things propagate? Do you whack off a chunk and put it in some water? Stick it in root tone and put it straight in the dirt? Do you need a bit of the root? Couldn't look that up either.

The worst, though was not being able to get my emails or blog-hop my favorite blogs. I felt like I'd lost an arm. Or an eye. Or both.

I'm so glad to be back. Now I have to go play catch up and check out all the blogs I've missed.

And find out how to propagate a corn plant.


In case you were wondering...

Cane cuttings provide an easy method of propagating certain plants like dumbcane, Chinese evergreen and corn plant. Leafless stem sections, usually two to three inches long, are cut from older stems and inserted into the medium either vertically or horizontally. Each section must contain at least one node. The sections will eventually root and produce a shoot. The process is somewhat slow and may require several weeks or months. That portion of the original stock plant remaining in the pot after removal of the stem and cane cuttings will sprout and produce a new stem, thereby renewing the original plant.


Judy said...

welcome back. And.. thanks for the information on the corn plant :-)

Charity said...

Good to see you back! Hooray!