Thursday, December 01, 2011


Truthfully, today I'm blank. Life is uneventful, I'm swamped and the weather is warm for December (in the 40s).

I did see "The Three Musketeers" over the weekend at the cheap movies with my friend, Michele, who was up visiting. It was pretty dang good.

Anyone else see it?


You Are Insomnia

You have a restlessness about you that's hard to shake. You have difficulty calming down.

You want to rise to the top. You are extremely ambitious and driven.

You can't stand by and be complacent. You try to take action whenever possible, and when you can't act, you worry.

In general, you consider sleeping to be a waste of time. You'll sleep when you're dead.

ROFL... um... Yeah.



Sarita said...

Going to the movies with a friend sounds great. I want to see that movie, so it's good to hear it is entertaining.

Enjoy your day!

Tori Lennox said...

I haven't seen it but I want to!