Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Cat Agility

Yesterday, Brandy, Angelina and Tori wondered why I didn't just have the lump on Dakota's head removed.

Here's the plain truth: It would require surgery ... to the tune of about $800. If it the vet had come back and told me it was cancer for certain, we'd have tightened our belts and done it, because she's family. But since the vet is nearly 100% certain it's NOT cancer, we're playing the odds.

Pets aren't cheap folks. Even healthy pets aren't cheap (right, Brandy?) but when they start getting sick, it's no fun at all. It's why we don't have three dogs and seven cats. Because to be a responsible pet owner means being able to take care of your critters, no matter what.

Speaking of cats... check this out:


You Are a Bridge to Happiness

You enjoy a good challenge or competition. You're bored when things are too easy.

You are focused and committed. You never lose site of your goals.

You like to surround yourself with beautiful objects. Aesthetics are important to you.

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Maybe 75% right.



Sarita said...

I'm hoping the lump disappears. Wouldn't that just be so good? And me? I'm totally in the mood for good.

Expecting snow this afternoon. So, this morning I'll be searching out my mittens and boots.

Afterwards, I'll deal with some zombies.

Hope you have a peaceful day, my friend.

Melissa McClone said...

Cute video! Mine would just go to sleep in the tunnel. LOL!

I hear you with the medical costs. Spirit's hyper-T treatment was so expensive, but we've gotten 6 more years so far (and hopefully more) so worth it. It's the one time I was grateful we had a credit card because we couldn't have afforded it otherwise.

But with Smalls who was so much older, it just didn't make sense to go through all the cancer treatment. Though I still wonder about the choice I made. I have to believe it was the right one.

Like Sarita, I hope the lump disappears on it's own!

Angelina Rain said...

I really hope the lump disappears. $800 to remove one is a bit much. And yes, pet ownership is pricy. My dog has allergy issues and has a sensitive stomach and his dog food alone is the most expensive one in the store (but its the only thing he doesn't throw up).

PS: Thanks for sharing the video. That was so cute.

Brandy said...

Wow, that's a lot to have the lump removed. But, I understand waiting. Pets are expensive, very expensive, but they bring so much love and joy that don't think about the cost of keeping them healthy. (It helps that here we have immunization caravans that help keep our costs low.)

I can't believe a cat went through all that! I have heard Bengals are extremely intelligent and rather dog-like.

I hope you have a lovely day!

Dru said...

I too hope the lumps disappears.