Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Christmas Music

Woke up late and I already behind .... so thought I'd share two videos that I've posted on Facebook, but that I find absolutely amazing.

SO clever!

And how can you NOT smile at this one?

Have a great hump day!


You Are Wise

You are too much of a generalist to specialize in anything. The problem is that you're good at everything.

You try to live an enlightened life. You are benevolent, noble, and intuitive.

You are sensitive and intuitive. You understand others and yourself well.

You are honest about your opinions and feelings. You rather be blunt, even if it upsets people.

This is about 75% right....



Brandy said...

I remember the second video! I'll admit to not quite being in the mood yet. I'm trying.

You Are Enlightened: You think there is too much ugliness and drabness in this world. You're trying to make everything a little more gorgeous.
You believe the world is what you make of it. You take the blame for your failures and the credit for your successes.
You consider yourself to be vulnerable. That's the price you pay for being so sensitive.
You are a very balanced creature. You avoid too much of a good thing.

Hmm, about 80% correct. I have no idea how to make everything more gorgeous. *g*

I hope you're having a nice day!

Dru said...

Thank you for sharing. They were great!

re quiz: I got the same as you..75% accurate