Friday, December 30, 2011

Last Friday of 2011

How is it possible that it's December 30th?

I'm not even CLOSE to finishing building the new LASR website and blogs. :::panics:::

Was supposed to visit with an old friend today who's here from PA, but she emailed yesterday and told me she and her son have the flu and they're driving home early. It's very sad as she was my first and dearest friend here and I miss having her around. But I understand, and it's probably a blessing. Assuming my family will let me WORK, maybe I'll get the site built in time for the 1/1/12 relaunch.

Aside from the fact that it's FREEZING here, nothing else much is going on. Best part about having an artificial Christmas tree? I can LEAVE IT UP. And I'm actually really enjoying having it.

Happy Friday all. Wish me luck!


You Need Some Black in Your Life

Black will make you feel powerful, in control, and not bound to what other people think of you.

And with a little black, you will project a aura of mystery, rebellion, and dominance.

If you want people to respect you, you've got to get a little black in your life!

For extra punch: Combine black with orange or red

The downside of black: People won't be able to "read" you - and may perceive you as more aggressive than you actually are

The consequences of more black in your life:

You'll become a figure of intrigue and speculation

You'll be better prepared for life's unknown path

You'll rest better and free yourself of expectations

Okay ... time for some black!



Dru said...

Good luck with your revamped website.

You Need Some Green in Your Life

Green will make you feel alive, renewed, and balanced.

And with a little green, you will project an aura of peacefulness and harmony.

If you want stability, you've got to get a little green in your life!

For extra punch: Combine green with blue or purple

The downside of green: It can promote jealousy in yourself or others

The consequences of more green in your life:

You will be drawn to a new life path

You will feel free to pursue new ideas and interests, no matter how strange

You will be released from the demands and concerns of others

It's right, I do need a little green.

Happy New Year!

Brandy said...

Good Luck! I'm sorry you didn't get to visit with your friend.
My results were the same as Dru's.

Best wishes for a fabulous day!

Melissa McClone said...

Good luck! I'm thinking if I leave mine up all year, I'll be that much more ahead of the game next year. LOL! Really shouldn't have suggested a Jan. 9th deadline!

BTW, I fed the cats raw food today. Beauty loved it. Big cats not so much, but I lessened the amt. and mixed it better at dinner with the canned food and they ate it. Baby steps!