Monday, December 26, 2011

The Day After Christmas

How was your Christmas?

I admit, after the early morning when no on was awake, I stayed off the computer. I opened it once so my mom could check birthdays on Facebook, but that was it. And I didn't suffer *much* withdrawal (though I did check my emails a few times using the phone).

We had a quiet Christmas. My mom came over in the morning to open gifts and have a homemade cinnamon roll. Then the next couple hours were spent getting dinner ready.

DH was sick, so we didn't attend the after dinner family gathering. Made it a lot less stressful for me and DH, though DD said it didn't feel like Christmas without going.

She and I hung out all afternoon doing this:

I love puzzles. I remember when DD was little, I hated doing all those little kid, 25-piece puzzles, so when she was about four we started doing smaller, adult puzzles. Yanno, 500 pieces with a very simple picture.

It was a challenge for her at first, but I spent time sharing puzzle hints and tricks and after not too much time (by the time she was six or seven) we had advanced to 1000 piece, more challenging puzzles. I remember, two Christmases ago, one of her aunts gave her a 100 piece puzzle. She said thank you, but gave me this look.

Actually, sometimes I wonder if adults realize that kids grow and change at a rapid pace. Two of DD's gifts yesterday weren't age appropriate. She got this science lab project book with the "equipment" (things like a balloon, packs of salt and pepper, etc) that is clearly meant for a kid around 8 y.o. And she got two pairs of Christmas socks from a cousin that are kids sized 6 - 8. My DD has bigger feet than I do (she wears a woman's 10 currently).

Then, conversely, we got a family gift from those same cousins -- a really neat game from Cranium -- that DD can't really play. It has cards with words on them (events, things, people, etc) and then a set of six dice with letters. The object is to roll the dice and use those letters to give one word clues to the word on the card.

Fun, right? Until you realize some clues are things like: Woodstock. Botox. Poodle Skirts. The Grateful Dead.

DD hasn't a clue what those are (well, she does NOW because I told her ... but even so, were she to play, "Woodstock" wouldn't really be something in her frame of reference).

She didn't get any books, but she did get one Barnes and Noble GC (thanks, Judy!) and a Visa GC (thanks, Mom!). She also got a pair of Croc-like shoes so she can stop stealing MINE (Thanks, Mom!). No electronics -- we really don't do that here. She doesn't have an iPod (she listens to music on her Nook). She doesn't have a gaming system of any kid, handheld or otherwise (unless you count my phone, lol). And yet, she still had a wonderful day -- she drew on her new sketch pad with her new pen set, wearing her new fuzzy socks.

DH and I agreed it would be a very, very, very small Christmas gift-wise. He actually made me another, smaller cutting board (out of scraps from our oak stair treads from when we put in the hardwood stairs). It's gorgeous.

Today, I'm going to hit the after Christmas sales for some Christmas items I ran out of: cards, tissue paper and more. I'll keep an eye out for gifts as well -- it's the best time to buy (if you're a cheapskate frugal like I am).

Hope you had a wonderful day celebrating.


Your Holiday Spirit Comes From Making Treats

You are the type of person who relaxes by doing. And there's nothing more relaxing than a little holiday baking.

You're also quite generous, and you enjoy giving out the delicious creations that come out of your kitchen.

You are affectionate yet mischievous. You have a warm, welcoming spirit - but you also like to spice things up.

Every single one of your friends feels valued. You are true through thick and thin.

That's about right. My DH doesn't undertand the "you relax by doing" thing about me. He likes to go out into the woods or out on the boat and just sit... for hours. :::shudders::: I'd lose my mind.



Angelina Rain said...

Glad you had a great holiday!

Kids gifts are hard sometimes. You really need to know the kid in order to give the kid a good gift. Some kids mature fast and they are smarter then their age group so it's better to give them something that is meant for a slightly older child. Other kids are a bit behind. Like my ex-stepdaughter is 11 but in terms of getting her a gift, I would go for something meant for an 8 year old. Yet, my mom's best friend's child is 8, but I would get her something meant for an 11 year old.

Tori Lennox said...

My grandparents on my dad's side used to buy me the weirdest crap when I was a kid. No clue whatsoever.

Maria said...

This has been one of my favourite Xmas's in Miami beach whith my boyfriends family.
We've had a Hanakah dinner, seen my brother in law sing in an angelic choir and had a big family reunion with loads of dry humour, laughs, teasing and debate.
I was spoilt rotten by my family who are great travelers round the globe, so I got clothing from all parts of the world, T-Shirt from a Kenyan elephant rescue sanctuary, a boomerang and an aboriginy art work from Australia, a Tracfone SVC phone, an owl salad bowl, etc.
My boyfriend got a kindle fire, which he loooves, it's heavier than his first kindle which broke as he put all his pressure on his suitcase which happened to be on the kindle screen, so please don't make the same mistake.
May you all have a happy and prosperous new year!