Friday, December 02, 2011

Books for Christmas!

One of the advantages to running a reviews site and an author promotions site is that I'm exposed to about a zillion books and authors I would never have seen otherwise. It's making my Christmas shopping just a little easier, especially since I really like to support authors as much as possible.

For instance, I have a friend, my best friend who I met in Junior High (32 years ago ... holy cow) and she's horribly hard to buy for. She's a voracious reader -- especially horror novels and thrillers, so it makes it hard to actually buy her books because I don't know what she already has. BUT, she's completely unaware of the entire Indie/Small Press thing (except for my book, of course). So this year? We toured a self-published thriller / suspense author (Gordon Kessler) and his books are excellently written and are right up her alley. I would never have known he existed if we hadn't run his tours. And, no, she doesn't read my blog.

I've found books for DD via some YA authors and blogs. Books for friends. It's been great. And the best part? Because I actually interact with most of these authors, I can get my friends and family autographed copies. :-)

BTW, folks... never be too shy to email an author and find out if there is a way to get autographed copies. One of my reviewers, who's been around since the site started, needed an extra special four year anniversary gift from us. So we contacted one of her fave authors, Carrie Vaughn. This reviewer is a HUGE fan of her Kitty books.

We never had any experience working with this author. She didn't know us from Adam (or maybe that should be Eve). Even so, we were told exactly how to go about getting personalized, autographed books -- an entire set! -- for our reviewer.

By and large (with only some exceptions) authors, all authors -- even the really big name ones -- are very cool.

So, are books on your Christmas shopping list? Any suggestions?


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Diana Guess said...

I'm a bookworm and I love to read many different books, it doesn't matter if they are Sci-Fi, drama or novels as long I enjoy reading them! I buy two books per month, because I like to have a diversified library! But I must admit I downloaded some from all you can books as well, due to a free trial period and I said why not! :D By the way I have three books signed by the authors and I'll buy some more for Christmas, but I don't know yet what!

Brandy said...

Ah, the gift of books. To me the perfect gift, even if it's a gift card. (Someone please tell my MIL that!) SInce Daughter buys every single book she wants to read since she got her first paycheck, I won't buy them for her this year. However, Son? I picked up two books for him I know he'll like and one of those he'll love. *g* And Chris isn't much of a reader, but I couldn't resist a The Big Bang Theory book that just released that I know he'll enjoy. I love books. :)

Hope you have a delightful weekend!

Tori Lennox said...

Everyone who asks what I want, I tell them B&N gift cards so I can buy ebooks. :)

Dru said...

I realized that except for my blogger friends, very few of my friends read books.

Books are always on my shopping list and I tell people to get my gift cards for bookstores.

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