Friday, June 30, 2006

blocked, Blocked, BLOCKED!

If the reader doesn't understand what you're saying, you're talking to yourself. --- Nigel Hamilton

Had (and am still having) a frustrating day. The new WIP has me scared to my shoes about screwing something important up -- I mean, really. What do I know about investigating a crime or police procedure? Gah. As a result, everything is coming out forced and stilted.

Camilla is struggling to keep me from changing her. Maybe she needs to go sit in a corner for a couple months so who she is right now isn't so fresh in my brain. But then, dang it, I won't have anything for that stupid contest.

I looked at a couple of my short stories and proclaimed them "ridiculous".

Thusly, no work cometh forth from these ten fingers. So, on that note -- how about a quiz?

Your Gemstone is Topaz

Comforting, considerate, and stable.
You are down to earth and grounded.


Charity said...

I have some of those “howdunit” books lying around that I always think I might use but probably never will again. I’ll be glad to bundle them up and send them your way. They’re at home, so I’ll check titles and get back to you on what I have.

They’re a few years old, but they should give you a place to start. First, you don’t have to get it right the first time through. Let go of that thought. Second, the stuff you’re worried about can be researched and checked. Third, there are some romantic suspense books that incorporate a lot of procedural detail and many that do not.

You can do it. Really.

Tori Lennox said...

Thusly, no work cometh forth from these ten fingers.

I know whereof you speak. I'm having the same problem. *hugs*

Anonymous said...

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