Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Interviewing: Me!

Borrowing from Mary at the Bandwagon, today I am interviewing ME!

1. When the well runs dry, how do you recharge your creative spark?

I love prompts and other writing challenges. When I did NaNoWriMo last year, I used their "dares" message board A LOT in order to keep writing. It takes my mind off of whatever is blocking me and gives it something utterly new to think about.

2. What is your motto?

My Creed by Dean Alfange. It hangs on my wall next to the computer - read it... I think you'll agree it's motivating!

3. What fictional character is most like the person you wish you were?

Kinsey Milhone or Eve Dallas -- someone who doesn't give a rip about what anyone else thinks, she's independent and smart and takes care of herself. I suppose I'm *sort* of like that, but not quite so free!

4. The biggest enemy of creativity is....

Worrying about what my husband will think of what I write. I also have issues with "time bandits" especially blog hopping and email.

5. My best ideas come to me when I'm...

Responding to prompts. I love to "what if" things and see what happens -- there's a freedom in not having to worry about whether something makes sense at first.

6. What is your ideal work environment?

Absolute quite and being outdoors. I loved our vacation a couple years ago at a little house on the lake. I woke up at 4 a.m. and sat out on the screen porch with a pad of paper -- just me and the loons. It was wonderful. Unfortunately, that can't be totally recreated here, but maybe when I'm the next Nora (LOL).

7. What accomplishments are you most proud of?

My wonderful daughter, who is beautiful, thoughtful, smart and sweet. The fact that I've FINISHED novels, even if they're not ready for human consumption quite yet.

8. No one is better than I am when it comes to...

Being critical of any and all mistakes. I can never seem to forget any of them.

9. I still can't quite get the hang of....

Gymnastics...LOL... (my DD keeps wanting me to do handstands and back bends with her). Seriously, I can't discipline myself to exercise regularly.

10. The only thing I know for sure about the creative process is...

it's HARD! But it's fun. And rewarding.

11. What was your first job?

I worked as a hostess at a restaurant called "The Old San Francisco Express" - a family restaurant where many of the tables were actually part of an old train. It had the BEST minestrone soup and it was there that I learned how to make change the old fashioned way -- with my brain. Unlike the cashiers of today... (mutter, mutter)

12. Earlier in your career, how did you deal with people who tried to discourage you from pursuing your dreams?

No one really has, though my husband likes to remind me that my words have the power to sway people, and I should always think about that.

Okay... it's your turn. Interview yourself and let me know so I can go read it!

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MaryF said...

I LOVE your creed! And that lakehouse set-up sounds ideal! When we were in FL at my dad's timeshare, I would sit on the screen porch with Alphie and write.