Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Because my dog kept getting up and growling at the window last night, thus earning me several hours of NO SLEEP (Paula Poundstone said something about this kind of thing in a video once, about how her cats would all turn at the same time and look at the front door of her new apartment and "Oh fine, I'll just lie here wide awake and bathed in sweat for another night"). I kept thinking that our bear was back, but I knew I'd taken in the feeders. I still don't know what it was, but since I'd just re-read Dean Koontz's "The Watchers", my imagination ran amuck.

So, I swiped this meme from Charity:

1. Last present you gave someone?

I'm guessing that this must have been a pile 'o' stuff for my DD's birthday in April. Yes, April. Hubby hates holiday's, so the only Father's Day gift he received was a BBQ scrubbing brush from the DD - she bought it herself, with her own money and was very proud. Dad ooooohed and ahhhhed sufficiently. He's learning.

2. Last time you danced?

Really danced? That would be 2 - 3 years ago in the garage of my hubby's parents house at a family gathering. Hubby and I met because of my interest in country dancing (I was having my car fixed where he worked, he had country music blasting, I said I was new in town and was there a good place to go country dancing, he said "yeah... I go to this particular place every Thursday" and the rest is history), and we used to go several times a week. I swear that's what kept me so thin back then.


Now I'm depressed.

Oh well, at least I still get to dance to The Wiggles on a regular basis (I'm particularly fond of "Hot Potato").

3. Last meal you cooked?

Let's see... it was WAY too hot to cook last night, so I made a chef's salad. Does that count? The night before, DD had her ballet recital, and we got home LATE so I made PBJ... does that count? The night before that we'd been at the lake all day and got home and we were exhausted and had cheese and crackers and an apple... does that count? The night before was Friday and hubby plays hockey and can't play on a full tummy, so it's my day off of cooking dinner, so we had YOYO ("You're On Your Own")... I know that doesn't count. So it would have to be Thursday and I made Hobo Dinner (don't ask - it's a recipe I got from my MIL) for the husband (I don't eat meat, so end up making two meals most nights).

Unless you count the pancakes I made yesterday morning. That's a meal, I suppose, so ignore all of the previous.

4. Last letter you wrote?

I don't write many letters because email is easier, but I think the last letter I wrote was to my adopted soldier from Adopt-a-Platoon over in Iraq, though I send him email as well. But DD draws him pictures, so I usually pop a note in with those. The only other person I write to is my SIL who refuses to get email. The ingrate. She'd hear from me a lot more if she'd get online.

5. Last time you got on a plane?

It has been FOREVER. I know it was before 9/11. How sad is that? I went out to California to visit all my friends when the DD was about 18 months old -- she's seven now. Geez... time to go visit again, isn't it?

If you read this, and you're so inspired, feel free to consider yourself tagged.

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