Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Synopsis's and New Writing

"Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly." - Robert Francis Kennedy

Got some practice in this week on writing queries and synopsis's (synopsi?). I submitted a query to an ePress that accepts short stories. I have one that's about 5000 words that they'll hopefully love and want to publish. It was odd, summarizing a short story. I think I did okay, though it was a bit long at 623 words. I pared it down a bit again this morning before sending it off.

It did show me how blasted hard it will be to write a short synopsis for a longer piece. I haven't tackled that yet for any of my novels, but will have to do so at some point.

So, the query went off this morning, and I have yet another submission to be nervous about. Ugh.

In other news, I'm just about ready to start writing on my new WIP. I don't have quite as many scene cards made up as I'd like, so I'll do a little more brainstorming, but I also think the actual writing will help fill things in, too. Still loving the process and wishing I'd done it sooner. I suspect it would have made Camilla much deeper and more coherant.

Speaking of Camilla, I'm still plugging away at her. I think I'm going to overhaul the entire manuscript though (gulp) because it simply needs so much work that I don't have the energy to go in and revise. PLUS, I don't think the beginning introduces the conflict soon enough. I love my beginning, I really, really do... but it has to change. I already have an idea in mind that will take the best parts of what I love about the current start and meld it with the conflict more immediately.

And that's all about me. What are you up to?

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Judy said...

Good morning, M. I'm not ready to write yet, but I'm with you. I like this method of preparing a story. Did you know that Matilda was a schoolteacher??? I didn't until I did her inner monologue... AND I found out a lot about the people Fiona went to school with. After I wake up just a little bit more, will post it in class.